Full Glam this Holiday Season

Anyone who truly gets me, knows I am a sucker for getting dressed up. Whatever it is, I find an excuse. Birthday party? Sure. Wine Tasting? Always. Holidays? Every year. Christmas/New Years and work events? Yes please. Red carpet event... pff yuuuus. (Jk, some day). Tooootally sleighin' the holiday season in this white jumpsuit, rose gold and diamond choker and fur. Perfect for a formal holiday party. What more do you guys wanna see? Feel free to leave a comment or just a sim

Christmas Tradition

This is definitely the time of year for traditions, decorating a tree, baking cookies and wrapping presents. I wanted to share some of ours that we've naturally accumulated the passed couple years since baby girl was born. -homemade arroz con pollo for dinner the evening we decorate our Christmas tree. Seriously, crock pot this. bomb dot com. -baking cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve's Eve. Pillsbury is fine ;) -Christmas Eve's Eve;spending it just us three, opening presents. w

A Very Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has the most Merry of all Merry Christmas's. whether its spending it alone, with family or with friends make this time of year a time of love and not just gifting. This Christmas has got to be my most favorite yet, My family is complete with it being our first year with our little bub. We're so excited for her to spend time with both my side of the family and daniels' side. Kamille is the star of the show. Creating our holiday traditions *Get pajamas-different