Creating a Sophisticated & Safe Toddler Play Room

Kamille's room got a new addition this last month. Lorena Canals sent us this amazing tropical handmade rug. This rug is machine-washable, which is literally a life saver because Kamille may or may not have emptied her bladder on it during this diaper-less photo-shoot. Something I also love about this rug is that it's all natural dyes and handmade in India. All proceeds go to support the Sakula project, a project to provide schooling for children in India. I'm always down to

A Co-Sleeping Miracle Product

I'm obsessing over Kamille's new dockatot! This co-sleeper and playtime lounger is literally genius. I genuinely recommend them to all mamas! Since Kamille was new born, she has been a snuggly piece of perfection. She slept best with snuggles and when I was near her. (I would say I loved co-sleeping but I don't want to deal with the wrath of people and their judgments or statistics; so we'll just say I enjoyed every minute of her snuggles.) With that being said, I needed to f