Love Month

In honor of Valentines day just passing, I wanted to share some fun date ideas. There's the presumption that you have to treat Valentines Day different than any other day in your relationship. But really, what's stopping you from everyday being Valentine's Day? For the couples out there, I have a couple questions. What is your typical evening after work look like? What about you weekends that you have off together? I know that I'm always looking forward to the evening or days

Perfect Imperfections

At first I had a hard time with where this post was going to go; but I hope you find it interesting that it covers a little bit of everything.. I'm hopeful it will help readers know a little more about the handsome man on my right side or behind the camera. A little background about he and I. Daniel and I have been together for 8 years in December of 2016 and married 1 year this last July of 2016. We started dating our junior year in High school after being friends and casual