What's So Terrible About Two?

First of all! Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet hunk uh chunk of burnin love 💛 It’s just me, over here; trying to wrap my mind, body and soul around that I have a TWOOOO year old. I’ll say this and say it again. Will time ever slow down? I heard through the grapevine that it NEVER will and that scares me. Because life with Kamille is full. I’m all about living in the moment but can I just pause some of them? Now. Addressing the title of this post on this oh so special day. Ter

Motherhood Is Testing Me

I have so many other drafted blog posts, but none of this importance. I don't share much of my day to day, but rather a snippet of what I want others to see of my life. I haven't entirely shown an accurate representation of the last 48-72 hours with Kamille. Just to lay it all out there for ya, I think I may be actin "cool" on the outside when I'm literally screaming with sadness and exhaustion on the inside. ***WRITTEN 4 HOURS PRIOR... Currently I should be taking a nap, bec

Casual Mom "go to's"

Alright, you guys asked for it! I did a poll on my Instagram a few days ago to connect more with my followers and asked what you guys are wanting to see more or less of. I got a crazy, unexpected amount of feedback. Thank you soooo much for those of you who not only voted/responded but also DM'd me with more ideas. I'm super excited to keep sharing my interest in style and fashion along with motherhood. With that being said, a lot of exciting changes are coming with blogging.

Girl Boss

First of all, Happy Friday! This is a bit of a lengthy post but I wanted to talk a little about woman empowerment. No. Not about feminism. I said woman empowerment. Don't know the difference? Here ya go (woman empowerment vs feminism). Something I'll be teaching Kamille. I feel that it's important to educate and teach her to respect those around her. As a mom, I am setting an example for the next generation. As her mom, I will make a conscious effort to show her a person, a w

First Mother's Day

I want to start out by saying Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there! Whether you're a mum to many or a first time mum like myself; whether you're a step mom, god mom, grandmother, great grandmother, or an adopted mom, this day is for you! All your love, hard work, dedication, sanity, full commitment is recognized on this one day. I know on Mother's Day most of us are thinking about our own moms and those special individuals who were motherly figures in our lives. But,