Creating a Sophisticated & Safe Toddler Play Room

Kamille's room got a new addition this last month. Lorena Canals sent us this amazing tropical handmade rug. This rug is machine-washable, which is literally a life saver because Kamille may or may not have emptied her bladder on it during this diaper-less photo-shoot. Something I also love about this rug is that it's all natural dyes and handmade in India. All proceeds go to support the Sakula project, a project to provide schooling for children in India. I'm always down to

"Cheers" to the perfect nursery

Gosh;I've been workin up this posting for weeks now and super excited to share it with you guys. Almost four months after Kamille's arrival;the nursery is DONE! I am a bit of a perfectionist and over-analyze every detail; so I've gone back and fourth with putting decor on the walls and rearranging furniture. One thing I knew is that I wanted something clean, chic and bright; not only so it remains timeless with age but also so that every morning, the sunshine can creep throug