My first Vlog-A full face of makeup

So many people have asked me to do this but I'm not gonna lie... I was and still am so nervous just putting myself out there like this. I want to provide what my followers/friends want thoooo! I've been a little MIA (missing in action) due to Kamille being such a crazy coconut nowadays but I have had many people asking lately about my morning routine and the products I use. So here I am. I'm no profesional and I am no Arielle (see Kardashians) but I do play around and try new

What to Splurge on - Must Haves

There's three items that I rely on to make a bland outfit into a glam outfit. (like what i did with that; cute huh)? 1. Lipstick Pair lipstick with literally anything in your wardrobe. When it comes to buying lipstick, my go to is really only MAC (why stray away from something you love so much). When it comes to liquid, I've gone out of my comfort zone from just buying MAC and started looking into different brands Sephora offers. I'm currently stuck on Matte colors rather tha

Preg Products

From the moment I found out about being pregnant came the generic questions; "what prevents stretch marks", "what can I and can't I continue to use in my daily routine" and "what is potentially harmful to my growing bub". Those first few months, I can say I was definitely an over analyzer about everything I put into or on my body. You could say I was a hypochondriac about today's ever changing "rules" in society about risks for your baby. How on earth did we ever survive; k