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"Cheers" to the perfect nursery

Gosh;I've been workin up this posting for weeks now and super excited to share it with you guys.

Almost four months after Kamille's arrival;the nursery is DONE! I am a bit of a perfectionist and over-analyze every detail; so I've gone back and fourth with putting decor on the walls and rearranging furniture. One thing I knew is that I wanted something clean, chic and bright; not only so it remains timeless with age but also so that every morning, the sunshine can creep through the blinds.

We started painting the nursery around the month of May when I was about 4 months pregnant. More than enough time for the fumes and scent of fresh paint to disappear before her arrival and also far before we knew the gender of our little bub. We went with neutrals and I cannot express enough that I am entirely so happy on how things have turned out. Greys, whites world/travel and greenery (seemingly a lot going on but it flows perfectly). I don't necessarily believe that there are gender specific colors so under that; upon finding out our little bub is a girl; we actually haven't added much pink to the scheme. now, since Kamille's arrival I have gone a little crazy with wooden toys and decor, I'm obsessed with the bohemian look. Being one quarter native american only adds to my culture.

Register for the must haves. I registered at Babiesrus but I know a lot of mums who register through Amazon or Target. Here's a link to the perfect registry list.

Here's a little tour of our nursery and some direct Links along the way.

The closet started out with doors and had absolutely no storage shelves. Lucky for me; I have a handy man in the house. Perfect organization for the heaping amounts of clothing. I have managed to put her in almost everything her size thus far, Her shelves in the closet separate mainly onsies and bottoms by sizes. We hung up most of her adorable dresses, rompers and fuzzy onsie pajamas. Size newborn is already in a storage container (sad face). We're set for 3-6 months, 6-9 months and even 12-18 months. We were so lucky to not only receive such a wide variety of clothes at our baby shower but also things she can wear up to a year from now. Bows, head bands and anything for her little head is in the striped box. socks and mittens in the striped basket. Having cute little storage bins for the smaller things not only help things stay clean but also easier to keep organized. And that leaves an entire shelf (for now) for all the books and toys (we know this space will fill fast).

Her world rug is my absolute favorite. Literally has the mountain ranges in the different regions as well as animals and settlements. So many symbolic meanings, Perfect for tummy time. Rug from Love Ellie Australia.

Her Teepee is her perfect little alone time sanctuary. She loves to lay under her play gym on her fuzzy rug and the best thing is that the tee-pee will only get better with her age. Reading books, playing with toys, cuddling with her stuffed animals, you name it; she has her own space, Teepee from Amazon and play gym hand made from a shop on etsy; AzyDeco.

Dresser drawers; dedicated to diapers, wipes, rash creams and any extras in the top drawer. Burp rags, receiving blankets, hooded towels, wash clothes and any bath soap extras in the second drawer(we're fortunate enough to have a second bathroom where we can store all of her immediate bathing supplies), Sleepers, sleep sacks and bibs in the third drawer,

LAstly; Her changing table and crib sheet adds the perfect touch to our travel/airplane theme thanks to a good friend.

We have some small things that will go up here and there like a hand painted photo of airplanes from another good friend of mine but placement is key.

Biggest Thank you to our friends and family who have helped her not only have the best style a little one can have but also for the items that have added to make up the most perfect nursery.




Photo Edits: Heather Hamilton Photography

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