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Perfect Imperfections

At first I had a hard time with where this post was going to go; but I hope you find it interesting that it covers a little bit of everything.. I'm hopeful it will help readers know a little more about the handsome man on my right side or behind the camera.

A little background about he and I.

Daniel and I have been together for 8 years in December of 2016 and married 1 year this last July of 2016. We started dating our junior year in High school after being friends and casually flirting since middle school.

Daniel is a University of Oregon graduate and private pilot. He's focused on me, his upcoming role as a father and his dreams of working in aviation and business. He is full of integrity and character. He is literally the smartest man I know. but continues to work on himself everyday. He has the right idea; always continue for a better you. That's really what marriage is about, continuing to work on yourself to make for a better together.

I'm not here to tell you all how to love or even give advice about relationships because frankly, we too are still growing.

I am here to share bits and pieces of Daniel and I's story and our journey of going through life' s hurdles. With both Daniel and I being far from perfect; we're both humans who have made our fair share of mistakes. imperfections haven't changed our mad insane amount of love for one another. The best insight I can give to any couple, is to love one another, forgive and in-trust in the other person. Don't be afraid to give your whole heart away to them. IF they are true; they will stay and you too will receive their heart. It's one thing to mature, grow up making individual choices and having to learn from them but its entirely another to grow together. Everybody is always going to have an opinion and there will be those individuals who always feel the need to express it. When I take a second and look back to reflect; that person has nothing to do with your relationship or even your life. All you can do is focus on your togetherness, your next move and the positive. Once you can wrap your mind around doing this; life becomes so much easier.

We blew through junior and senior year in high school, went through the college experience and now we face the real world...TOGETHER. We've grown individually so we could also grow together. Falling in love is delicious; savor it. To grow old is a blessing, to grow old with your love is a whole nother fortune. I hope to show everyone that although pictures seem perfect its not all glamorous all the time; there is reality. We always think about this "better life", but try living in the moment and acknowledging how blessed you really are.





• Photography: • Erin Lee • Alex Johnson • Leannas Reflections

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