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40 Week Journey

What better way to start "Mum Life" than telling you all a little bit about my journey through pregnancy. I'm near the end and I cannot wait for these last few weeks to pass.

Before I give a little play by play of my OWN experiences. First time mums especially might find it helpful to download one of these two apps. The Bump or Baby Center. They not only helped me each passing week but also my husband. With weekly updates you can read Q & A's, see what is specifically growing or maturing, what fruit or veggie size your bub is and for the guys; it kinda gives them a heads up of how mum might be feeling. Maybe a little more irritable this week, maybe a little more back pain; you get the idea.

First Trimester

0-12 Weeks

While most mums tend to feel the most sick those first few weeks I fortunately experienced nothing of the sort. I don't wish to brag but I am so so SO thankful I didn't have morning sickness, headaches, sensitivity to smells or even foods. I felt abnormally tired. That's actually what prompted me to take a pregnancy test. I was, at the time, opening a local coffee shop as a barista and I was exhausted literally every day, which was totally not me. I found out at maybe 5 weeks, didn't get into see a doctor until 8 and they gave me the approximate due date of October 22. Most OBGYN's won't schedule that first appointment until about 8 weeks. This is because, if and when they do an ultra sound to determine how far along you are; bubs heart beat or flutter isn't noticeable or frankly even beating until 6 weeks along. In the end it saves many mums the stress or concern of why the babies heartbeat isn't there. The first trimester is really the most vital time for your bub to grow and develop. All major brain functions like the hippocampus and amygdala, the organs and the central nervous system are forming. I would say the most important time to think about taking prenatal vitamins, watch what you drink, eat (don't start eating for two) and the daily routine should be best in these first 13 weeks. The bub is in a yolk sac the first few weeks (a membrane-lined sac that provides nourishment in early stages of the baby's development; before the embryo is able to circulate blood internally). So its safe to say; things you are eating or drinking doesn't go directly through your blood to the bub before 8 weeks. This gave me some time to figure out what I should and should not consume, I took an 8 week birthing class during this trimester as well, which was helpful for early facts, support and meeting other mums.. Although I didn't look pregnant; my body went through the most changes in this trimester; doubling in blood supply to carry oxygen and nutrients, heart rate increase, and uterus began to grow in size to end up nearly 5x its normal size. at the end of pregnancy. The first trimester flew by.

Second Trimester

13-26 Weeks

The most comfortable and easiest of weeks for me. Some days I really didn't even feel pregnant. No tiredness and the ability to continue working out and doing normal day to day things because I was still small enough. Small but starting to feel flutters and movement. We chose to spread the word about our new addition in weeks 13-15. Many things can happen those first couple months so we wanted to stay safe by waiting to tell our loved ones. So many other things are happening during this trimester. We found out the sex at week 19 with a gender reveal at week 20,


I had the routine screenings done during this trimester including, the glucose for gestational diabetes (which was not bad at all...if you pass it the first time) and an optional quad screen which tests for chromosomal abnormalities.. I was blessed to do okay on all the tests, screenings and blood draws; bub was growing faster than ever. She grew 4x as big as she was at the end of the first trimester. Most importantly; I started to feel kicks around weeks 25, Yes, a little later than some but every experience is different. It felt like water pressure in a bath or bubbles. popping. It was honestly the most amazing feeling throughout this all, to experience these jabs, kicks and somersaults. I easily kept up with my regular routine up until mid third trimester ; Working Monday thru Friday, and enjoying summer activities with my husband and friends. I didn't distance myself from being just as active as pre-pregnancy, I encourage mums; go camping, enjoy the river or lakes, go on hikes and enjoy these last few months.

Third Trimester

27-40 Weeks

Here come the aches and pains, the rapidly growing bump on a daily basis, and even more trips to the bathroom, I would say these passed few weeks have been the hardest. I write this blog post as I lay in bed at 4 A.M. which is an everyday occurrence, no matter what time I fall asleep., I either get woke up from my pups needing let outside, my bubs kicking me in my ribs or better; my bladder so I have to make another trip to the bathroom. I've gotten used to these beyond early mornings thinking it may be my bodies natural way of getting me prepared for whats to come once shes here (but I also miss sleeping in pass the sunrise once in a while). One thing I complain about is the back pain these last few months. It's the worst! By the end of my days, all I want is a session with a chiropractor. Oh, and forget about eating three meals a day., I advocate for eating more like six small meals a day.

It feels so surreal that I will be holding my little girl in 5 short weeks. I really am cherishing this last month of holding her in my belly (all aches and pains aside) before I have to share her with the world, Stay tuned for the arrival of Kamille Kohlman.

Everyone's body responds differently to pregnancy. I tried to remember not to compare myself with all these seemingly perfect women around me . Stay positive, strong and healthy for not only yourself but for your most important life blessing. It really is amazing what a womans body is capable of, cherish it while you can.. Every pregnancy has its own sense of beauty, and every woman should be proud of their ability to bring life into this world..

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