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  • Destiny Kohlman

Twenty Something

You don't need it all figured out.

I wrote this post thinking about a question one of my clients asked me recently. "What do you think the meaning of life is?" Well, I didn't really know how to answer this question to a young youth; just entering 7th grade. First of all, what a heavy question. The more I thought about it, the more I realized. The meaning of life for me is to wake up everyday with love and passion, passion to keep bettering myself as an individual. to consume my days around people and thoughts that only enrich who I am (you are a small product of who you surround yourself with), and to try bettering someone else's day. To make sure my daughter knows every day how much she is loved and will be cared for. I wanna share, "living in your 20 somethings" you don't have to have it all, i figured out. This means you don't need to have children, be married, engaged, or even be in a relationship to feel fulfilled. You don't have to have a degree or your 401K started to be "going somewhere". I'm finished with college and have my degree, I have a new and absolutely perfect baby girl. I absolutely love my husband and I'm 24 (1/4 of a long life)... but SHIT. I don't have it all figured out or even close. I am a new mum full of questions. I can't seem to decide what I want to do for a career. I read plenty of blogs where the women seem to always have it made. Perfect life with either a perfect family, job, location or perfect body, skin, clothing, home decor;you name it. All inspiration for me. There are some days when I feel like a boss and I'm doing it all right when others I feel like I can't come back from mistakes and I'm just falling behind. My trick is to wake up fresh every morning with drive.

Here's 5 things that have helped me through this crazy thing called life

1. Eliminate and/or add the right people

2. Be open minded to who's around you, you never know what their going through

3. Don't let negative comments affect you but let them motivate you

4. Start a fitness routine or be open to yoga and or meditation *namaste*

5. For me! Open a savings account and travel. I wanna live more than one, two... ten places by the time I settle. I don't know. I wanna see the world, with my family.

But anywho. Maybe this will bring someone light, positivity or motivation to change an aspect that doesn't add to your happiness.

Here's a few glimpses into my happiness from this last weekend on our Sunday walk.

Casually trying to get the self timer figured out. This was actually hilarious trying to get our pups to cooperate.

Maverick (on the left) and Kimber (on the right) looking so majestic.

p.s. Happy 25th Birthday Daniel

• Photo Edits: Heather Hamilton

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