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What to Splurge on - Must Haves

There's three items that I rely on to make a bland outfit into a glam outfit. (like what i did with that; cute huh)?

1. Lipstick

Pair lipstick with literally anything in your wardrobe.

When it comes to buying lipstick, my go to is really only MAC (why stray away from something you love so much). When it comes to liquid, I've gone out of my comfort zone from just buying MAC and started looking into different brands Sephora offers. I'm currently stuck on Matte colors rather than a gloss finish. I promise you, it might take some time, but you'll really feel like you've got it "all put together" if you just have the right lipstick, Even if you're not super into makeup; a naked face with a clean lip is my all time favorite. If you're new at this whole lipstick thing; I recommend starting out with three shades that can get you by. A nude, to perfectly pair for those casual "dressed down" work out clothing typa days, A bright red, for when your feelin a little extra sassy. And a darker plum shade for this lovely fall/winter weather. Below I've included a shade from each of my favorites. Three from MAC that are matte lipsticks and three you can find at Sephora that are a liquid matte, (note: the glosses may go on shiny but they have a matte finish and are prolong full coverage wear). Like I've said before, go out of your comfort zone and just try it, you might be surprised.

2. Watches

Although you might not want to drop some dollars on a nice watch; I can promise you I've never looked back in regret. I started a little watch collection probably about five years ago and now I have a few in every color or brand. I think I've become obsessed. It's the perfect accessory, for me, it also compromises for the fact that I don't wear much jewelry other than earings. Try shopping at Norstrom Rack, TJ maxx or marshalls for more affordable prices for the same quality of brands. P.s. don't be afraid to try on men's watches.

Here are some of my "more affordable" favorites.

3. Hand Bags

Since I have became a mum; my hand bag obsession has gone a little south. I say this because everything I once put into my own bag, I now put into Kamille's baby bag. Which also means I don't switch bags much anymore with different outfits or seasons. Which is why I was somewhat picky when choosing a baby bag. Not only am I going to be carrying this huge bag around for a good year, I wanted Daniel to feel comfortable as a daddy of a girl sportin around a sleek bag. I chose a Coach cblack Leather baby bag (pictured below).

My advice for these chilly months is to stick with something black or nude; its timeless and goes with everything in your wardrobe. and Like I said before;you can find some decently priced designer items at Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. if you're thinking of really dropping some money on a good designer such as tory Burch, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), Versace or Louis Vuitton. I would 100% choose their signature patterns. You're paying for not only a look but a brand so why not show it off,

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping. xoxo

Photo Edits: Heather Hamilton

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