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Those First Couple Months

Our little bub; Kamille was two months old on the 29th of November, (FYI 8 weeks doesn't mean 2 months. I've learned that your monthly anniversary is on the actual date of each month rather than counting weeks... I can thank local mums around me for clarifying this one). These last two months have been nothing short of amazing and have flown by faster than anything else in life. I imagine it only keeps going faster and faster as she keeps growing, In some ways I wish I could say I was exhausted; been rocking a mom bun everyday or even that things drastically are different. But the truth is... I'm not the least bit tired, I rock a mom braid instead of a mom bun ;) and things haven't drastically changed. Everything is drastically more fun if anything. I still go to coffee with friends, I still go on walks or a hike daily, I still try and get myself together and "get ready" everyday and I still find time to clean the house. Yes, I may have had to let down my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) ways and let a few dishes stack up in the sink over night or maybe wait until the evening to have a shower but mostly; nope. I strap the front pack on, turn on some music and get shit done. Have a high maintenance mindset. Maybe it's luck or maybe its a mentality. I give some much respect to single mums, or mums who deal with their baby having colic or other more intense issues. In my eyes, all mothers are absolute bad asses. I wouldn't be doing half as good without the help of daniel. I feel lucky enough to have a relationship with no "gender roles" We both hustle. We both cook. We both Clean and we both spoil each other.

I took classes and read books about how things are "supposed to be" post partum but when it all happens, all that education quickly goes out one ear. Your hormones change (again), your body changes (again) and you have an indescribable love for someone else. My followers may think I stepped out of labor and delivery having lost all my baby weight or I look completely put together but I promise you I had my fair share of wearing grown up pull ups and now some absorbent breast-pads. I did walk out those hospital doors feeling confident though. Confident that I can work to get my pre pregnancy body back and confidence that I made one beautiful little girl.

I wanted to fill in some of my mum followers on my journey with kamille the first few months. I've noticed so many people throughout my social medias who are now expecting parents and that's super exciting. There are so many things to talk about. So many changes, So much to "adjust to", but now that shes here; i can't imagine life without her. Its incredible how much love you can have for one tiny little human being.

***Everything I state in this post I just want to clarify that they are all my personal opinions and decisions. They are all my own experiences with my little one. When I was pregnant I loved reading blogs about what to expect but nothing fills you in like the real thing. This is all about my own personal journey,


I exclusively breastfeed and plan to keep it up until 6 months. She has yet to have a drop of formula, I am fortunate enough to not only produce enough but also that she never had a problem latching, I give other moms so much credit and respect for dealing with the struggle and frustrations of breastfeeding. if your body doesn't produce enough at first or if your little bub has a hard time latching and figuring out an eating pattern, (a fed baby is a fed baby). I was really lucky in this department, I started pumping in the hospital; mainly because Kamille was a premie. I wanted my milk to come in faster and my colostrum to be as helpful as possible, Since then, I have been stocking up milk in the freezer for times when I am either away working or having a few hours to myself. I can rely on breast milk nourishment rather than having to rely on formula. and the simplicity of whipping it out instead of warming a bottle is a plus.


I can honestly say; we have yet to have a sleepless night, Iv'e tried really hard to keep her days and nights completely separate. What I mean by this is;when it's day, I don't tip toe around,.I play music when i'm home, I open windows and blinds to keep fresh air moving and natural light in, I try and go on walks and keep active. at night I play different music, something like Jack Johnson or Reggae and keep in quiet. She is usually down for the night by 10:30, wakes up to eat around 3:00, we then change her and shes right back to bed, Really... easy as that. Yes I Co-sleep and at first it was a personal decision because I was scared to have her leave my site but now its an easy routine. I hope to try some new things to get her sleeping in her crib but I'll keep everyone posted as the time comes.


Plan to trim or (bite) their nails AT LEAST once a week. I say bite because they are literally so tiny and thin you'd be surprised how frail they really are. As for her first bath; I wanted to come home from the hospital and give Kamille the most calming first experience at home. This included mum and dad giving her a bath before bed with some jack johnson playing and lavender oil in the diffusor. The bathtub we use is by 4moms and its an absolute savior. It not only tells the temperature, beeps when its too hot but also has constant flow as well as plugs for when your little one decides to have a relaxed accident. My favorite soaps, lotion and bubble bath are Babyganics. She has yet to get baby achne so I somewhat "swearing" by this natural product. Her umbilical cord of course did not get wet that first week. It took about 5 days for it to dry up and fall off. (i did not use alcohol swabs on it like our mother likely did).


Kamille has taken to every pacifier or bottle nipple quite well, but Since using the Eco Pacifier;this is now her pacifier of choice. I urge you to read about it if expecting. I've also concluded that exposing your little bub to a binky really helps out with soothing. Every cry doesn't necessarily mean another feeding. We have a swing/rocker also by 4moms called the Mamaroo and i can't tell you enough how much Kamille loves this thing. It has so many natural moving functions, a programmed white noise sound system, and mp3 plug in, bluetooth and so much more (i feel like i'm advertising for them) but really i'm obsessed.


Now that her first few months are out of the way I think I've calmed down with the anxiety and assumption that I need to catch every developmental milestone. Feel confident in that the attention you give is enough. Stay off your phone more than usual, watch television less, clean less or play while you clean. Of course you want to catch that first time she lifts her head, the first time she rolls over or the first time she coos or giggles. But rest assure she will feel loved at the end of the day. Kamille is a super active baby, likes to be moving and going constantly. I think days where we are shopping or running errands are much easier to come by then days where I try to relax at home. Which is kinda a good thing... helps me get off my booty.

I hope you all enjoyed this posting. If you have any questions or comments; I love feedback and critique. Either leave in the comment box below or message me in the contact tab.



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