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  • Destiny Kohlman

A Very Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has the most Merry of all Merry Christmas's. whether its spending it alone, with family or with friends make this time of year a time of love and not just gifting.

This Christmas has got to be my most favorite yet, My family is complete with it being our first year with our little bub. We're so excited for her to spend time with both my side of the family and daniels' side. Kamille is the star of the show.

Creating our holiday traditions

*Get pajamas-different pajamas are so much fun to look forward to over the years. and hey, it gives you something festive to walk around at home comfortably in the evening.

*Make cinnamon rolls- Pillsbury or homemade. Brownies or Santa cookies. How fun to have a sweet treat to look forward to every year.

*Craft something- mine this year was coconut and essential oil body scrub. Click Here for the recipe. And let me tell you, it's easy and so amazing. Whether its scrubs, candles, or little knick knack activity from the kids to grandparents;gettin crafty is always a good idea.

*Make a Christmas card- whether it's a nice holiday picture or a crappy handwritin love note. The gift of love is always a must.

*try a new bottle of wine (this might or might not be just my tradition),

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


Photo Edits: Heather Hamilton

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