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Love Month

In honor of Valentines day just passing, I wanted to share some fun date ideas. There's the presumption that you have to treat Valentines Day different than any other day in your relationship. But really, what's stopping you from everyday being Valentine's Day?

For the couples out there, I have a couple questions. What is your typical evening after work look like? What about you weekends that you have off together?

I know that I'm always looking forward to the evening or days off;to get to hang out and just be together with my fam. Luckily for me I only work 2-3 days a week so I get most days with my bub, Kamille. but what comes with that is, Dan working when I don't. As always, I'm thankful for him. The same o same o evenings together are great but at the same time, trying something new beats the heck out of deja vu. Doing something different doesn't always require spending money or leaving the house;but it does require thinking outside the box,

Here are some of my ideas.

- Nothing says I love you more than finding hand written notes left on the bathroom mirror. Daily words of affirmation are only spirit lifters.

- Farmers Market trips once the weather gets a little nicer here in Oregon are a must. Gather up some local produce for dinner, pick up a nice hand made bouquet from local farms or shop for handmade trinkets. I know Dan only goes for all the amaze food trucks but he still comes because he knows enjoy it.

- Go on personalized scavenger hunts. This could be going from place to place around town using clues based on your history together. Ride bikes, walk around the neighborhood, just get outside.

- Speaking of outside, nothing beats a hike. It doesn't have to be a workout or some intense terrain but maybe a cool trail nearby. Discovering something new around town is always fun. I know where I live, there are endless trails and hiking areas that lead to waterfalls or other beauty in nature.

- Become amateur photographers. This. This really... is funny because I swear I'm always asking Dan to take pictures of me, Kamille or my friends when were out and about. I am guilty of having to capture everything,

- Forget dinner dates! Brunch dates are my fav! For one, breakfast food is the best and for two, it starts your day off early.

- Going to wineries or breweries. We all know Oregon is growing growing growing in both of these departments so there is literally never ending locations to try out. Instead of just grabbing a quick beer, get a tasting. You'll learn so much more and take your time rather than sitting across from one another on your phones, while you drink an $8 beer or half a glass of wine.

- Be a kid, make a fort and watch netflix. One of my good friends did this and it had me cracking up. But really, how fun.

- Seemingly so easy. My favorite, Spend the night by the fireplace with hors d'oeuvres. An Italian friend of mine introduced me to prosciutto and pairing it with cheeses, breads and capris. YUMMMM. Gluten, dairy and carb central but absolutely AMMAZING. Also, pairing it with a deep red wine (Pinot Noir or Syrah) puts the cherry on top of the cake.

I know a lot of people out there are exhausted from a days work but maybe one of you gets off before the other, or maybe one of you is a stay at home. I believe in keeping things spontaneous and fresh. There is that infatuated head over heels butterflies in your stomach type of love. After eight years of being with my love; it is still possible I feel that exact way.

xoxo & Happy Weekend,


Photo Edits: Heather Hamilton Photography

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