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Months Three Four & Five

Life is all happening too fast. Our little bub, Kamille was five months old at the end of February. There wasn't a 29th in February so I only joke when I say she's stuck at four months old. I am still falling more in love everyday I wake up next to her, I am still rocking a mom braid or mom bun to get in more time with her and I am still not the least bit tired. (referring to my "first couple months" posting).

Here are Kamille's milestones for the last three months. I feel like I barely have time to write this between all of her cooing and now recently yelling at me when she's ready for the next activity.

*** Everything I state in this post, I just want to clarify that they are all my personal opinions and decisions. They are all my own experiences with my little one. When I was pregnant, I loved reading mom blogs about what to expect but nothing fills you in like the real thing. This is all about our own journey.

Month number three,

absolutely the sweetest. Still so small, but actually aware. Able to smile and seemingly get excited. After she was about three and a half months we tried getting on a "schedule", which is actually quite harder than it seems with a newborn. With me working a few days a week now, that "schedule" quickly becomes irrelevant. But let's try this out.

Usually I have to wake her up honestly. Between 9:30-10 a.m. and it's time for a feeding

Play time in her teepee under her play gym for 30-45 minutes (more recently she starts yelling when she's over it) lol

Tummy time on her world rug for 15-30 minutes (Play time and tummy time in her room not only teaches her about independence and playing alone a bit but also works on her motor skills in grabbing objects from her play gym and works on her neck muscles and in time, crawling. Rest assure, I watch her from our baby monitor.

Usually by noon she's ready for a feeding and down for a nap. Where? Depending upon if she falls asleep during a feeding and I can manage to transfer her to her crib or bassinet. Or depended upon if I want those snuggles 😉 I've really tried being aware of how high maintenance I can really be about these "good parenting" habits. You can never cuddle to much. You can never give to much attention. So what if I pick her up after not even a minute of fussing or crying. So what if I let sleep get the best of me.

Anyways. After her mid day nap. That's also dependent upon what our day looks like? Grocery shopping, walks, front pack and work out. She is usually pretty awake, pretty aware and PRETTY HAPPY for most of the day.

By 5 o'clock it's time for some cluster feeding and dad usually gets home. He swoops her up as soon as he walks in the door and for Kamille. Lol well that usually means multiple diaper fillings. Seriously. I don't know what it is about a girl and her dads relaxing voice just giving her the okay. It's pretty funny though. And not to shabby for me considering he changes the worst ones of the day 😂

Most evenings she's playful and we can get more tummy time in and lay low, maybe go get some ice cream or a red box. We've also gone to later dinners or drinks with friends and she does pretty great when in restaurants. *lucky us.

Month number four

means her four month check up. She weighs in at 14 lbs and is 24 inches long. You would have never guessed she was a premie. She marks in the 60% for both height and weight. Crazzzzzy chunk a monk baby. I was all giddy on home making her baby food after this visit, but our doctor just looked at me and smiled, "slow down mama". Since I'm still exclusively breastfeeding, she said go ahead and carry that out and only that out until she's 6 months. She's easily getting enough nutrition and the diapers are a lot less smelly! her homemade pouches and snack trays will have to wait a few more months. Ha, I swear I'm not in a hurry; just excited. Doctor visits also means time for shots. Yes I am pro Vaccinations. Enough said about that. She received her 2nd round of a 5 series of vaccinations during her four month check up. Two in each leg and then one orally. She's definitely in pain for the rest of the day and fussier than usual. Makes me sooooo sad but Thankfully she doesn't have any allergic reaction nor does she run a fever (which is quite normal). This month we've heard a lot more cooing that sound like mama or dada, a lot of recognition of her hands and how they work, and admiring oneself in the mirror.

She realllly loves looking at herself!

The passed month, month number five;

she's been so happy, so talkative, smiley and giggly. My favorite age so far (I think I've said that every month lol but really). When on tummy time she's almost lifting herself to her hands and knees, that rocking back in fourth is coming and she's seriously ready for crawling. grabbing toys is simple for her but bringing them to her mouth is a struggle; she gets frustrated because her little brain is trying so hard to figure it out. She can roll over from belly to back and side to side. We've tried out a lot of new toys this month and discovered that she has an object permanence for toys she can chew on like wooden or rubber ones. Yes, this means she's teething. Already?! Ya. Drooling? Constantly. Putting those bibs to use finally. She hasn't run a fever or had rosey red cheeks yet but let's hope that these teeth pop through with ease. She smiles at anything and everyone so little teefers would only make it that much more cute. Recently she started loving a certain t.v. show; its on Sprout and called Super Wings. lol I think dad obviously had a hidden agenda on this one. Getting her into planes early so she can be his little copilot. Last week she actually reached out for the first time! We went to visit dad, she smiled real big as I was holding her and reached out for dad. CUTEST thing ever.

Yes, we have one chunk a monk baby. But really, could it get much cuter than this? Also, perfect for the baby book and to pull out on her 16th birthday.

Some other quick random experiences

Thankfully she hasn't had the slightest bit of baby acne but she does sweat in her sleep, so we shower her daily. it's not like she's getting dirty or rolling in the mud. She just loves showers and it's relaxing.

When she's fussy and feeding or diaper changes don't seem to be working, She loves her binky and Shhhh's with pats on the butt, being held tightly but not being swaddled (you'll find what works for you).

Instead of rocking her in a chair, the large medicine ball is her forte.

She can't quite sit up but for maybe 3 seconds without support but she stands sturdy with support (no more walking away, even for a second unless she is on the floor). I thinks she'll honestly cruise or walk before she crawls which I guess happens with a lot of bubs.

"Month labeled" clothing means nothing 😂 she wore a 12 month dress the other day while still fitting in 3 month shorts.

I've had to really rest assure on the fact that all babies hit milestones at different times but she seems to be really ahead of the game on some things. Good luck to all the new mums out there. It really is a new adventure everyday; especially when they are this little and growing every minute you look away.

xoxo & Happy Friday,


Photo Edits: Heather Hamilton Photography

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