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Homemade Baby Food

I've had a lot of interest from other mums regarding how and what I did to make Kamille's first foods. This is my second time around making a variety of foods. I did my best at capturing and documenting each recipe. Below, I have described the ingredients for each squeeze pouch and how to.

I homemade Kamille's baby food because of the quality; wholesome, tasty and pure ingredients. This means no preservatives, salts or sugars. I love that I know EXACTLY what's in what she is eating.

I swear, it's super easy, less wasteful and A LOT cheaper in the long run than the store bought pouches. Once you get through it the first time, its a breeze.

What I use:

-Infantino Squeeze Station and NON refillable bags



-Knife/cutting board

-Apple Cutter



For the Apple Carrots

-1 apple peeled and core removed

-4 carrots peeled, steamed and chopped

For the Strawberry Blueberry & Butternut Squash

-4 strawberries

-1/2 cup of blueberries

-1 butternut squash peeled, steamed and chopped

For the Mango Sweet Potato

-1/2 cup cooked quinoa (you can decide how much you want to actually add to this mixture)

-1 sweet potato peeled, steamed and chopped

-1 ripe mango, peeled and seed removed

For the Banana Zucchini

-2 ripe bananas

-1/2 zucchini or 1 small sized zucchini peeled, steamed and chopped

For the Pear and Peas

-1 ripe pear

-1/2 cup steamed peas

Note: Set up Infantino Squeeze station and label bags before filling (makes much less of a mess and much easier to write on), Wash the station between each use if switching ingredients. If blender mixture is too thick to blend, just add a bit of water (not too much).

How to:

-Make sure all fruits and veggies are THOROUGHLY WASHED!

-Make sure all grains and veggies are cooked/steamed if indicated above.

-Combine all ingredients for pouch combination in a blender (I chose to use my hand chopper for harder foods such as an apple or pear to make it easier to blend in my bullet). Blend the ingredients until smooth and at a pourable consistency. Another nice thing about the squeeze station is that it's impossible to fill any large (choking hazard) chunks in the pouch because the fill hole is so small.

-Once finished with one pouch combination (your fill station should be set up) start filling each squeeze station container to the indicated line. Use the press tool and push down (DO NOT PULL BACK UP). Remove bag from station and twist on tops.


Each recipe makes about 6-8 full pouches. The squeeze station comes with instructions and recommend a store time of 48 hours refrigerated or 3 months frozen. I put them all in the freezer and thaw them out the day of use. To thaw, just take them out of the freezer and it takes usually 2-3 hours. I have plenty in the freezer and one pouch in the fridge for today's and tomorrow's lunch; I won't be rushing to the store anytime soon because of a hungry baby.

Other advice that I think is helpful:

-Introduce one food (pouch) at a time to ensure you know the food if it produces an allergic reaction

-Introduce the same food for the first few days rather than switching between many to help your little ones tummy adjust

-Start with tablespoon amounts (not an entire pouch)

-Use fresh fruit rather than frozen. With Summer coming up, the freshest produce will be coming out to the shelves

Hope this made sense and helped a lot of you out there trying to create homemade baby food! Feel free to ask me any questions.

P.S. Adults eat pouches as well; so who said anything about this being solely a baby food how-to?



Photos by Brooke Izzo and edits by Heather Hamilton Photography

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