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Kamille's Months 6-9

Wow, so I feel like I just wrote about Kamille's 3-5 month updates. I can't stress enough in every post; it's like a blink of an eye and she's doing something new. This post is for those mums who like reading about other mums experiences and maybe some what to's and what not to's. What works for some might not work for others but I thought I might as well document my experiences as I enjoy them.

***Everything I state in this post, I just want to clarify that they are all my personal opinions and decisions. They are all my own experiences with my little one. When I was pregnant, I loved reading mom blogs about what to expect but nothing fills you in like the real thing. This is all about our own journey.

Month Number Six.

She has fully started eating baby puree at least once a day (refer to my homemade baby food post for recipes). I still breastfeed at the least five times a day; I produced so much that I even got some pumping in for milk storage. We've still got a pretty good schedule going similar to previous months. We tried crib training a bit this month and succeeded as she sleeps in her crib from bedtime until around 1 A.M. Then, honestly I miss her and just bring her to bed with me when she wakes up, instead of trying to coax her back to sleep in her crib. Sorry not sorry. She had her 6 month check up which means... shots. She weighs in at 18.25 pounds and is 27 inches long. She's in the 80% for both height and weight. Such a big girl (as you can see from her photos).

Here are some random facts for this month. -I'm still taking prenatal vitamins and drinking mothers milk tea as I am breastfeeding -She had her first sink bath -We hike at least three times a week while in the front pack -She has started sitting up for longer periods of time -She starting holding onto the handle of her 3 in 1 walk along while she is being pushed. (she loves this thing) -She says mama and dada and somewhat registers who we are -We went to the Oregon coast -No longer can we leave her unattended when on the couch or bed -We lowered her crib mattress because she can pull herself up

Month Number Seven.

Absolutely loves strangers. Babies at this age are typically supposed to have stranger danger but nope not her. She like feeds off of peoples attention with smiles and giggles. She hates being in a room without Danny or myself while at home though. She is trying to crawl but then gets frustrated being on her belly. Here in Oregon, we had a good week full of 80 degree weather and that meant for this porcelain doll white baby; lots of SPF. She is at the exact age where we're actually able to put sunscreen on her (6 months is the preferable age). We use babyganics and I love it.

Finding time for yourself or as a couple at this rate is nearly impossible. I think it is important, but at the same time, I am tired of reading articles that only state how "healthy" it is to leave them at this age. I think it is just as important to involve your bub in your daily life. I say, "don't be afraid to go out to dinner, a show or on a date night with a 7 month old. Chances are, you'll be the life of the party. I don't mean sit front row at a concert, but rather go to a winery and listen to live music or sit in the back of a pavilion venue concert and let your little one experience the things you also enjoy.

Random facts for this month -Went to her first Duck Game the Spring Game -Went to the Woodburn Tulip Festival -First time sitting in a shopping cart -First time drinking out of a straw -First time drinking out of a sippy cup with water -First time eating finger foods such as puffs and small fruits and veggies that I have cut up for her and that are not mush lol

Month Number Eight.

I think empathy has really set in at this age. It's important to start noticing the way you treat people around you; how you talk, act and think. It's only a matter of time that she starts copying the way I treat people. Being the best I can be is important. As far as activity and development; she has started pulling herself up to stand on her toys but then gets shaky and tired then falls back down to her bottom. She still hates crawling but rocks back and fourth on her hands and knees like crazy. She alsoooo laughs the most when someone sneezes, accidents happen or when someone gets hurt (insert laughing emoji) like really, we have one of those kids? I wanted to mention a few things that have made this age a little easier because she is so mobile. Wearing her on the front pack while cleaning or strapping her to her chair while in the kitchen involves her rather than ignores her. I can prep food like finger snacks or organize supplies and keep things cleaned much easier.

Random facts for this month -First time in a swimming pool -Sleeps in her crib from bedtime until 3 A.M.-Loves all fruit and veggies -Eyes are almost at their full permanent color (so happy they're staying blue) -Went to an Oregon lake and river.

Month Number Nine.

We're about half way through the month and within like a week it' s been the most exciting but crazy month; soooo full of new things. She's learned to crawl throughout the entire house, follows me into every room, pulls herself up and scales the furniture (cruising) and walk around using a push toy all on her own. She had two teeth pop through and started eating finger food by herself. Like what? It's like a whole new baby. She just had her 9 month checkup and... NO SHOTS. Thank goodness. Her next series is at 12 months. Her doctors appointment went so well. I am lucky enough to say, I love our pediatrician and I think that's so important. If you plan on staying in the same place, I think finding someone consistent, helpful and confident all while examining your precious baby is a must. Kamille weighs in at 21.44 pounds which puts her in the 91%. She is 28.87 inches tall which puts her in the 88%. She is definitely a big girl. Recently, she's started showing more embarrassment and being more flirtatious. She is starting to develop a keen sense of memory. She remembers where certain toys are in our house and which toys do what, We've both started doing more purposeful activities like brushing her hair, drinking from cups or babbling on a play telephone; this way she can start seeing and using things for their intended purpose. Lastly, the separation anxiety at this age for her has heightened a bit. To help better with this, I... say goodbye in an affectionate way but matter-of-fact, stay away once I say goodbyes, call when I get where I'm going for peace of mind and reconnect with extra love and excitement when I return back home. Random Facts this month -Holds onto my fingers and wants to walk everywhere all the time -Hates shoes lol -Eats mostly whatever we eat as finger food (except eggs or honey) -I'm currently trying to minimize breastfeeding to mornings and before bed (it's slowly working out.... I said slowly) - We went to the Mckenzie Lavender Festival.



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