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Summer Cravings

Happy Frinallly!

Gosh, keeping up with blogging is seriously a struggle around all these Summer festivities. I love writing, but I also love the non-stop fast pace lifestyle that Summertime brings. It's my absolute favorite season. I would much rather be in a sunshine, ocean and sand state (california *insert wink emoji) year round, than experience these rainy Oregon winters. but hey, ya win some, ya loose some. That being said; Summer is also crazy busy for everyone else. So here's to lighter subjects and trends. I wanted to share with you guys a quick blog on one of my favorite swimsuits.

here's a look into an evening at the lake with my fam a couple weeks ago.

Personally, this wouldn't be my go-to when picking something out to catch some summer rays but definitely something for more fun and flirty to wear a few times to the pool. I love the sheer sleeves and the super flattering cut.

I love that high wasted is in; it makes swimsuit shopping seriously so much easier! Also, one pieces are trending more than ever before. I love the way the fashion world is turning. Please never take us back to low rise tight jeans (insert praise emoji). Taking flattering swim suit pictures is definitely something I felt uneasy about. I am 10 months post-partum and I'm finally feeling myself again in terms of my body.

♥ Buy the look: Sun Hat // Sheer Swimsuit // Towel // Sunnies



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