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How I Stay Sane and Organized In A Fast Pace World

Isn't it pretty normal to feel like something always needs to be accomplished? Literally, everyday I feel like I need to get something done or I feel worthless going to bed. That's not a bad thing because I guess you can call me motivated but it really messes with me in my day to day life. At the end of the day, I sit and either vent about how I didn't get what I wanted to get done or I sit and reminisce on how irritated I am with myself for being lazy. Sure, there are upcoming fall and winter days where nothing sounds better than binge watching shows and snuggling on the couch. But, for the most part; there's something that always needs done.

Here's a few things I practice to keep me sane:

*Pick and choose your battles- Do what seems realistic. Setting unrealistic expectations can only set you up for failure. I'm one to talk, stressing about how much I can fit into one day. Know when to call it a day, Don't burn yourself out. Regroup and come back tomorrow.

*Make lists and check it twice- Grab a cute notebook and make a to-do list. Small, big, sub-categories; whatever works for you. The more you can check off at the end of the day, the more accomplished you feel. I am such a type A personality meaning I like being in charge, I like being orderly. I have a fascination with planners and cute little note books. I think i literally have three planners at the moment that I write in daily. But, I'm not going to lie, there's nothing more satisfying than checking things off at the end of the day and seeing what events I have coming up this month.

*Find the motivation you need- COFFEE... Kidding. This could be a friend to come with while you run those pesky errands or a friend to share what you want to get done with and then bounce ideas off one another. Use Pinterest for an art project or books, magazines and blogs for inspiration.

*Pay attention to your self- Each person has their own days up's and down's. Morning works best for me to clean while Kamille plays. Crafting is easier done mid day when she is napping and blogging is done on late nights or early mornings when I have some time for myself. Figuring out what works for you and sticking with it. Habits can be good, it's less brain power spent on things.

*The more it piles up, the easier it is to ignore it- Say that again? Seriously and obviously right? Laundry is the biggest thing that piles up in my house. Clean laundry. The bigger the pile gets, the more I put off doing it. I think it's that way for a lot of people. I cannot help you, but just point out the fact that the more you load up that love seat, the crib or your bed; the more likely you are to sit and stair at it. Fold and put away load by load (insert eye roll emoji).

* Identify and communicate your flaws and strengths- Let you people know how to get the most out of you.

Sometimes you've just gotta be realistic. This is what the end of our morning looked like. Being adorable must be exhausting.

"Reward yourself for small accomplishments- You come home, make some tea, sit down in your armchair and all around there’s silence. Everyone decides for themselves whether that’s loneliness or freedom."



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