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First of all, Happy Friday!

This is a bit of a lengthy post but I wanted to talk a little about woman empowerment. No. Not about feminism. I said woman empowerment. Don't know the difference? Here ya go (woman empowerment vs feminism). Something I'll be teaching Kamille. I feel that it's important to educate and teach her to respect those around her. As a mom, I am setting an example for the next generation. As her mom, I will make a conscious effort to show her a person, a woman in which I hope she becomes.

-Never apologize for being proud of your achievements

-With age comes growth. Most women get more beautiful with age is what I have come to learn (but seriously, look at Blake Lively; she is ONE MILLION times more beautiful now that shes a mom and is grown).

-Spend more time with others who keep you up

-Don't loose thought in how others view you

-Be the one who others follow when you decide to cheer others on

-Never put yourself down in order to make others feel comfortable

I would be totally lying if I said I practiced these things everyday. But, I sure try. I try and stop myself when I'm being bitter, when I'm being judgmental, or when I'm just plain and simple being a bitch. We're all human so it's in our nature to have thoughts and feelings on how one behaves but there's a difference in judging someone on their appearance verses their character.

As a mom, I am now judged far more harshly than ever before. "Oh, she let her baby walk around barefoot and it's fall." "Why is she cleaning the cart, germs are actually good for her." "Are you sure you should drink wine if you're breastfeeding." "She listens to the most vulgar rap music". And for me, the infamous, "God, she gets ready everyday. Why?" If you are in a committed relationship you can relate to others saying, "Are they ever going to get married." "They are totally not right for one another, if they get married, they will for sure get a divorce." On the contrary, if you are single and not a mom, you can relate to others saying, "what is she doing with her life." Wow, she's been with so many guys." "All she does is go out". If you are divorced, "He probably couldn't take it anymore." "She was never good enough for him anyways." "Wow, did you hear so and so got a divorce, I bet she'll move on so fast".

I am in constant thought if I am doing things right or if I am being negatively judged. The truth is; Motherhood and perfection is like an oxymoron. It just doesn't make any sense. Its a contradiction. Being single is okay! Live it up, be independent. There is no cap on how many years you have to be with someone before marriage. Lastly, don't let a divorce keep you from starting over and being happy.

Do NOT turn on one another. Be moms together. Be women together. Don't judge someone for something you may do next week.

We all swear, we all loose our temper, some of us (mainly me) enjoy a glass of wine, or a random night out.

Don't live in fear of what others think. Do you boo.

Have an amaze weekend and don't forget to comment below.



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