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Steps to Planning a First Birthday Bash

Steps to planning a First Birthday party? Step one... Don't. Jk.

I know I know, they aren't even going to remember it, but the way I see it; it's the only party where the parents can do all the decision making. The food, the theme, and the location will now most likely be determined by Kamille. She is too young to be into Paw Patrol, princesses or Power Rangers, too young to want it at the bowling alley or a pizza joint and too young to only want ice cream as a food option. Let me live a little. It's okay if you wanna go all out and plan a spectacular party that only you'll remember and it's also okay to do something right at home more intimate, To each their own.

Here's a little look into Kamille's first birthday and some steps in planning it.

Step 1. Start Planning the day they arrive. Ha. You may think I am kidding but I probably could have started. Only because it seems like it was just yesterday we brought Kamille home from the hospital and now she's a ONE year old. Like what?

2. Choose a theme. Browse ideas on pinterest.

3. Set a date. Deciding whether the birthday falls on a good party day and if not. Sunday's are usually best.

4. Make a guest list. Make or purchase the invites and make sure to do a RSVP so you can figure out food and drinks.

5. Find outfits for the entire family.

6. Make a checklist. Do you have the funds to purchase everything or are you planning on crafting? For me, I did DIY (do it yourself) literally everything. It was fun and I didn't mind the millions of trips to Hobby Lobby (insert winking emoji).

7. Plan to somehow decorate alone so your little one isn't exhausted by the time the party starts.

8. Decide who is making the smash cake and how many smash the cakes will you have? For Kamille, her birthday fell on a Friday and we had her party on a Sunday. As for the smashing of the cake, I chose to do her big smash the cake on her actual birthday with just me, her and Danny (and of course my camera). It's easy to get caught up in the moment at the actual party so getting her year one pictures was easier done with just us.

And that's that. The day has came and gone so fast.

Now that i am not giving ever spare minute I have to crafting something for her party, I can be back on track with my writing. So cheers to Fall and Winter. Exciting things coming up. Stay tuned!



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