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Giving Thanks Again

Fiiiiiirst of all, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! So excited to travel, over eat and to sit and talk about how full I am while sipping on a glass of red.

So, I was reading over my post from last year and not only reminiscing on how tiny Kamille was but also thinking of elaborating more on 10 things I am thankful for.

Think about it today. What are you really thankful for?

Ten Things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving & Last

1. Kamille Kohlman... Having the happiest and I mean happpppiest little babe out there. Happy and Healthy.

2. My partner being my best friend... Someone to rely on in the good times and the bad.

3. A cozy home to come to, for life's necessities... Dishes to clean because it means we have food to eat. Clothes to wash because it means we have something to wear. Fingerprints on the windows because it means we have someone small and cute to look after and experience all of life's joy with.

4. My health... Being able to SEE the leaves change, WALK through the park, HEAR the children laugh, FEEL the brisk breeze and SMELL the bratwursts on the BBQ. Ya, Bratwurst because I'm slghtly obsessed.

5. Genuine Friendships and family... A sister, best friend, work out partner and soul sister to enjoy coffee with in the A.M. and cocktails in the P.M.

6. The sun warming my face after many days of the sky being filled with dreary gray clouds... Anything that involves the sunshine I'm thankful for.

7. Having Faith and a conscious center... Positive thoughts, words of affirmation and confidence that what is meant to be.

8. Opportunity from my education... A career and goals to achieve more.

9. Wisdom that has came from age... Meaning I've learned a lot of shit in my 20's thus far.

10. Simple Kindness... Please, hold the door open for me, thank you.

Oh, and wine, Can't forget wine... always wine.

Happiest of Holidays.



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