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  • Destiny Kohlman

Christmas Tradition

This is definitely the time of year for traditions, decorating a tree, baking cookies and wrapping presents. I wanted to share some of ours that we've naturally accumulated the passed couple years since baby girl was born.

-homemade arroz con pollo for dinner the evening we decorate our Christmas tree. Seriously, crock pot this. bomb dot com.

-baking cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve's Eve. Pillsbury is fine ;)

-Christmas Eve's Eve;spending it just us three, opening presents. we are away from home and with both sides of the family on Christmas eve and Christmas day, That being said, It's important to me to have something close and intimate, just the three of us before all the busy but delightful chaos.

-Obviously the yearly pajama photo shoot. Comin on up soon.

-And making hand written or some artsy Christmas card, ornament or gift. Ours was a little messy hand print ornament this year.

What kind of traditions have some of you started?

XOXO and Happy Holidays,


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