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Creating a Sophisticated & Safe Toddler Play Room

Kamille's room got a new addition this last month. Lorena Canals sent us this amazing tropical handmade rug.

This rug is machine-washable, which is literally a life saver because Kamille may or may not have emptied her bladder on it during this diaper-less photo-shoot. Something I also love about this rug is that it's all natural dyes and handmade in India. All proceeds go to support the Sakula project, a project to provide schooling for children in India. I'm always down to support a good cause.

This got me thinking though, what a perfect time to address the slow transition from Kamille's infant nursery to her now sophisticated toddler play room.

Some steps in doing so:

-Crib mattress at the lowest setting (we've got a climber)

-absolutely all outlets are covered and no cords visible -bringing out the smaller, more educational and age appropriate toys you’ve most likely been stashing away -moving breakable or toxic items from a tall shelf to an even taller shelf (the reach this girls got is unreal)

-adding brighter colors for more personality

-this rug made the perfect addition (for us) because not only do we have wood flowers in the entire house, they are not heated! Having that layer on the floor to help warm those chunky baby thighs and buns is a must (also helpful for accidental head bonks in most cases).

Now you can feel comfy leaving your toddler alone in his/her own room for 3-5 minutes, but rest assured there’s always something new to get into. Quiet for 3-5 minutes? Every ma knows that’s not a good sign 😂

So anyways, who wants pie?

I received product compliments of "Lorena Canals Rugs" in collaboration with Lorena Canals.



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