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  • Destiny Kohlman

Fitness For My Sanity

What a lot of you don't know is that I NEED and love a good workout routine. For my sanity. Something so simple releases so much irritability, stress and commotion that goes on in my head.

Lifting weights, cardio, yoga, a leisure walk in the park, whatever it may be; makes me feel so much more confident at the end of the day. And, I don't mean this to sound vain whatsoever, because it honestly has nothing to do with looks, the weight I loose or the muscle I gain. It has everything to do with validation that hard work is paying off. The sweat that pours from my skin (or sin), the blood that gets pumped through my heart and the breath that I can barely catch are all just small positives that come from a workout regimen.

Even if you can't make it to the gym, take a step outside. Stay a while. I promise it'll be worth while.

In collaboration with BeBottle

I received products compliments of BeBottle

This bottle is seriously amazing! I kid you not, I've searched and bought products (from local coffee shops) for years that were either a pain in the ass to wash or just carried mold because of being unable to sanitize them correctly. I'm such a fan of hydro flasks but hate cleaning them. I'm such a fan of infusing my water with lemon, lime, mint, raspberries, cucumber and so much more but hate getting the nasty soggy produce touching my lips.

This bottle comes apart in a handful of ways to not only wash every single crevice but to also separate and infuse your water with no floaty dingleberries (ya, I said dingleberries, you know exactly what I'm talkin about). I am hosting a giveaway on my Instagram to win a free bottle on BeBottle! After that, I will go ahead and give you guys a discount code (Kohlman152) to enter if you want to try one of these bad boys out and I promise you won't be disappointed!



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