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To Boot or Not Boot the Bottle?

So. When to boot the bottle feedings?

I breast fed exclusively until Kamille was about 13-14 months old and now she takes a bottle twice a day; once before nap time and once before bed. I use goats milk and cows milk. (Why goats milk? Feel free to message me separately). It's crazy if you ask me; pretty much the minute your little one gets the hang of a bottle (if he/she didn't formula feed) is the minute you are basically supposed to break them of it. Experts say between 12 and 18 months, your toddler should be moving onto a sippy cup. At this point, I don't see it being a big deal that she drinks warm milk from a nipple twice a day. For Kamille, she knows that's kind of when to whined down. I don't necessarily have a direct answer in regards to when I am going to fully break her of it but I am aware of the withdraws from bottle feeding as she is starting to get more teeth. For the time being, she drinks from sippy cups, straws and cups anytime she drinks another liquid.

Which brings me to my collaboration with Twistshake, I am super stoked to be apart of such an awesome company because they offer products from bottle feeding, to sippy cups and onto tableware. I wish for some many reasons that I had found this company sooner; right as Kamille is leaving the "bottle stage".

This bottle is ammmmazing. It has so many functions; its incredible.

"Twistshake’s baby bottle is perfect to use in combination with regular breastfeeding. Every bottle contains a practical powder container as well as a mixing net. The unique system called TwistFlow actively prevents baby colic and ensures an even flow. The bottle has a wide neck, making it easy to clean. It also has a grip-friendly design that retains heat."

Use code (destinykohlman) at checkout and save up to 60% on all neon products and 20% on all pastels and accessories.

In collaboration with Twistshake

I received products compliments of Twistshake



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