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Spare Bedroom/Office Transformation

It’s officially done! (***insert praise emoji)

I've created a sophisticated, chic, simple and timeless work space alongside a comfortable and modern sleep space for guests. There are still small things I want to add; like a bed frame (custom or DIY), curtains and always more fuzzy blankets and big pillows. But, for now, I'm pleased. I mean, once you've seen the "before" pic, you'll understand why I'm pleased.

Here are some minor wants and needs when I was creating this space:

1. A bright white wall to add brightness to the room

2. Greenery to add character and fresh flowers when available

3. Candles to light for those guests or for when you’re working late nights (and smell good of course)

4. Minimal decor helps you not get as distracted (notice the small amounts of decor on the shelving)

5. Lastly, the perfect statement furniture piece. That’s where this desk comes in. So perfect and everything I’ve been looking for. What's awesome is that it's just a click away on Amazon! Here

Transfer your spare for under $100!

Can of white paint $8 (Walmart)

New white sheets $30 (Target)

Fake plant $30 (Michaels)

Decor that I didn’t already have $10 (Target)

Shelving $20 (Target)

(Utilize what you already have)

Step 1. DECLUTTER and rid of items you DON'T need

I received desk compliments of Nathan Home.



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