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Stressfull AF Full-Time Job

Sometimes I find it easiest to write when I am most vulnerable. If thing's are spewing out that are irrelevant, sound crazy or just plain don't make sense; I can come back and delete it or revise it. Right now, I have so many thoughts pouring throughout my head. Like is this the best route, what more could I be doing, what could I be doing differently... is it really that big of a deal.

What most, to all of you don't know is what goes into "trying" to do what I do. And that is... be a successful Influencer & Blogger.

With sparing you all of the nitty griddy details of what actually goes into making a website, making a brand for yourself, staying true to yourself (see, here we go, I said I wouldn't get into the details) those are just small little aspects that make up a whole.

This very second, I am taking a step back and taking a deep breath. I don't want to be rude to my husband because I am stressed. Stressed about not making deadlines, stressed about not returning emails from companies, stressed about not getting the perfect photo and stressed about not knowing how to do half of this shit that I am seemingly maybe doing (from an outsiders perspective) as okay.

All in all,

...this message is for those of you who do follow me who are also bloggers/influencers/photographers..I know it's hard. But, don't compare yourself to others, don't give up because you aren't the close to next best thing and be yourself because every day I struggle with that very thing... Am I pretty enough, skinny enough, a good enough mom, am I representing this company to my full capabilities and in truth... do I actually like this company and their products. Well I can assure you, if you're still reading this... I will stay genuine with what I show you guys!

...this message if for those of you who follow me who are just you. Bare with me as I trip, fall and make a lot of typos along the way. I am always always ALWAYS open to those who are maybe inspiring to be something. I am always open to answering questions. A lot of you have reached out to me already, so keep them coming.

Not that this blog post is already all over the place... I'll go back in a few hours, edit some typos and post... Hopefully some of you find this I don't know pleasing to yet again know. I don;t always have everything figured out as though it seems.

As always, thanks to my amaaaazing husband for helping me along this journey. I couldn't get flawless photos like this without you. Shop my looks below either HERE or on LIkeToKnowIt.



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