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Timeless Gift for Motha's Day *** GIVEAWAY

Hey loves!

I have great news, I have teamed up with Jord watches for one lucky winner to receive $100 toward a wooden watch of their choice. Mothers Day is just around the corner and I am giving you a chance to gift that special woman in your life with a timeless piece. See what I did there?

If you've been following Kohlman Legacy blog since the beginning, you know I have already written about my love and infatuation for watches. I've probably spent far too much money on Coach, Michael Kors, Juicy, Fossil among many other brands over the years. But, I can say with confidence; having a nice "timeless" watch really does add that extra spice to your wardrobe. Watches are more than just a piece to tell time, I mean really... most of us have our phones at arms length anyways. Watches for women serve as a piece of jewelry. Something that is styled within your outfit. I'm in love with this one from the Jord-Cassia Collection in particular because of its simplicity. It has a roman numeral dial, which is so vintage yet so modern. It is also cultured. What many people do not know is that the U.S is a bit behind when it comes to leading the fashion industry. So, how can a watch be cultured? This one in particular mimics and complements the Scandinavian street style that is found all over Copenhagen and Denmark. Who are just a few hundred miles away from the fashion leaders of the world; Germany and the United Kingdom. You might ask; why does so much thought go into choosing an accessory. Because it's something that represents you and your own style.

What I love about this giveaway opportunity is that it gives YOU the choice. You get to pick out your own unique style, color and design. You also ultimately have the deciding factor on whether you want men or women's (even though it issss Mothers Day ***wink face).

To ENTER the contest click HERE

The contest will close May 13th, 2018 at 11:59pm which just so happens to be Mothers Day

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*In partnership with Jord Watches



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