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Tryina Be a Housewife-Happy Mothers Day

For this Mothers Day I wanted to talk about more realistic aspects of being a mom, wife, friend, employee and whatever other rolls you might take on.

Let me start out by saying...Holy Shit.

Ha, Really though, There's like never a spare minute. Does life EVER slow down?

It might seem like my life is effortless but pf. Come on. Let's just clear the air. I haven't used the bathroom alone at home for probably the passed two weeks (at the least) because I have someone's little bright blue eyes starin up at me. Oh, ya. You might notice my makeup is done but I probably didn't shower for any longer than 2-5 minutes and who knows if my hairs been washed this week. It's good for it right?

Trying to be a successful female human being is rough these days, am I right? Whether you are a mom, a wife or a girlfriend. Being a housewife is HARDDDD. Being a stay at home mom-housewife is even HARDER. For anyone who doesn't have respect... shake my head.

Cook, Clean. Clean, Cook. I literally have thought about making a 3 minute video of what my life looks like before noon.

I'm lucky enough to work part time two days out of the week, so Danny actually knows what it's like to be under that kinda pressure. The want of wanting to have dinner ready for your partner when they get home from work. The wiping of messes that are constantly being made. The energy that goes into raising a (now) toddler and keeping her amused, happy, fed, changed, warm, rested and educated throughout the day (I can't tell you how many times today alone that I've picked up Kamille's play kitchen groceries).

With all that being said... Clean if and when you get a second. Cook when and if you feel like eating. Be who you want to be and not how someone else expects you to be. Value yourself and what you have to give to someone else. Women and Mothers are very powerful human beings who have the capacity to multi task like a motha .... who have the ability to love, cry, hate and understand all in one emotion. And have the effortless natural ability to always nurture.

Happy Women's Day, Happy Female Day. Happy Housewife Day. Happy Mothers Day!



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