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Attempt at a Father's Day Tribute

Nothing quite beats last years Fathers Day post recognizing Danny and the Father that he is (read it here); but I will try and make this one just as special.

Father. Also known as dad, daddy, pa, pops or daddio *lol

Being a parent is a blessing in itself but being able to label yourself, own the title and show that you are entirely and wholesomely a GOOD parent/ and in this case DAD is something we all want. Being present, putting in effort, putting the health, safety and concerns of someone else before your own is a good start.

I remember...

Bringing you beers as you jammed with you band in the basement

Essentially this is how I wanted to start out my post...I remember and bullet point memories I shared with my dad. But, unfortunately that's not much; so instead I asked my followers on Instagram to share with me their own personal stories about their fathers and their own experiences to strike up some positivity; which is EXACTLY what it did, I received an overwhelming number of responses and I read and seriously enjoyed every single one. Below I wanted to share some of my favorites and then elaborate on some thoughts it brought up.

"Most important thing my dad taught me was the type of man I should hope to have as a husband and father to my kids ❤️ lead by example ya know... Other most important thing my dad ever taught me was how to be a man...even though I’m not one 😂 stuff like how to change my oil, play sports, how to fix simple things around the house. Legit I think I know more about stuff like that than a lot of men out there our age!"

"My father is my best friend, therapist, cheerleader, biggest supporter, financial advisor and so much more. He really has always been there for me through it all and I’m so grateful for him. I honestly wish everyone could have a dad like him, he is that good."

"For me, I grew up with ONLY my dad. And he was both mom and dad in the best way possible. He showed me my worth and value and demonstrated how a man is supposed to love me. He took me bra shopping for the first time ever and even explained my period to me(in great detail 😳😱🤦🏼‍♀️HahHa) when i got it."

"I was raised by my grandparents and didn't have a father figure either growing up. My mom was also very nonexistent. I have my dad here in **** but I didn't meet him until I was 15 and our relationship wasn't good at all when we did meet due to external factors. It really impacted the relationship so we didn't build a father daughter bond until I moved out here 4 years ago. It has been a long journey in the 4 years I've been here. Getting to know someone I knew nothing about and discovering I'm just like this man! Literally his twin, inside and out. Do you look like him or has anyone told you that you look like him?

Thannnnnnnk you. Because yes yes yes a million times yes I hear that I look like my dad, act like him or hear, "oh, that's what Jake would say". And do you know how good that feels? I love hearing stories about him, keep em coming. I literally feel like I am hearing stories about a famous person I've never met,

He was big, he was tough and honestly from most peoples perspectives, "he was a badass motha fucka".

So thank you again to the people who sent those sheds of light in regards to having a relationship with their father. It brought me and hopefully some others reading this happiness when thinking about their own father.

Everything happens for a reason,

You're only dealt the plate you can handle.

So Cheers to Sunday.

Happy Fathers Day

and here is my happiness of the day and how I'll be spending it

He does a much better job than I do (the man behind the camera).





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