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So There’s This Thing Called Blogging.

So what exactly am I doing? I'm blogging, I share my thoughts, ideas and experiences for the public eye. Motherhood, Fashion and all around my Lifestyle (***hence my blog name). I'm also making a slow transition to becoming an influencer. Meaning I am now getting paid or sponsored to show products or clothing to my followers.


I started writing a little over 2 years ago. I had been reading blogs, forums and did lots of scrolling through Pinterest. I went back and fourth between sharing more of my life to the world; but then thought. What's the big deal. I love writing, fashion and the business/advertising side to things; so I went for it.

A little over a year later and I am still going! I've slowed down on writing and getting new content out because well... Toddler life.


I get asked weekly if not daily for advice, advice on how to start a blog, how am I utilizing my social media/ Instagram to promote my blog. Where and when did I start and why. So I wanted to share some of my insight to you.

Honestly, I’m stumbling around myself but also trying to give the best advice I can.

For those who are dreamers and believers in this world of social platforms.


1. I’m barely growing myself. Right now more than ever, it's a dog eat dog world. Its competitive. Everyone is writing about the same thing. Set yourself apart from the rest. Get Creative. I'll leave that up to you. Find what makes you YOU and what audience you want to pertain to (men, women, moms, fashion, beauty, etc...).

2. I would love for this to be a substantial income for me and my family but at this point, it’s not. Sure, I've had amazing companies interested in working with me but realistically I’m not "all that in a bag of chips" in the blog world so I don’t expect to be making six figures any time soon. Be Consistent and you will continue to grow. Keep at it. Don't expect to do well from the get go. Readers, subscribers and likes also come into play in this category of being consistent. Don't get discouraged just because someone you care about doesn't engage on your posts. Keep on keepin on.

3. Choose between writing or promoting. I mean writing posts on your blog and new content or promoting yourself, items and growing your social following to drive traffic to your blog in the long run. When and what is most important. For me I struggle with this because I've lacked on my writing and focused more on building my social medias following (which is the real dog eat dog world).

4. Last, Invest. In your editing tools, in your website, in your camera, in anything and everything involved. If this means taking a writing class at a community college, taking a marketing or advertising class in our community, researching the Instagram algorithm, or looking at How-to;s on google. Some may cost money and some just may cost your time. MY biggest investment has been my website.


So, this new thing called blogging is what I am doing and will keep doing. Whether or not I have a million followers or 1. It's fun, it's an outlet, it lets me be me and I guess shows the world while doing so. It's a job. At times, a hard one but I will put in over time to keep it alive.

Happy Friday. Coffee* cheers to the Weekend.



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