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I Have A Full Blown Toddler On My Hands

I haven’t got to blogging much, because; well, being a mom and trying to live life.

I remember when things were so much easier to write about, describe and somehow translate. Talking about the new and exciting things my little was doing that month, week or even discovered that day was always the main topic of the conversation. Things like the first bottle feeding, sitting up, crawling, walking; things were so exciting. And on quite the contrary. Things are still exciting, but becoming very different. No longer can I write about what new milestones she has hit, reminisce and jot down memories during those (at one time) 2-3-4 naps a day. Now, it's what I can fathom during that maybbbbe one nap during the day. Writing is the last of my priorities.

More like let me shower, clean my house, eat food without sharing, go to the bathroom ALONE, step outside and just chill for a sec (oh, and watch Gossip Girl).

Let me tell you about life with a toddler as if most of you reading do not already know. A day at the park can go from laughing, playing, swinging and being lively to a light switch being turned off.. meaning; screaming, yelling, maybe even hitting other kids. Oh, and the occasional bite of rocks or bark mulch. Eating snacks go from, "yummy yummy bugs in my tummy" to throwing an entire bowl of oatmeal onto the couch, wall and floor. Taking a bubble bath with lavender essential oils and reading books seems oh so calming until she throws all her toys out of the tub, floods the floor with water and aggressively gang signs me, "all done". I feel like I am talking about someone else's child because, "how could my child evvvvver act that way in public" right? Well, sure as shit, she's all mine. Proudly. She's a freakin angel, fire cracker, sassy gangster all in one.

I am only accentuating and making parenthood seem so hard because a lot of you out there think I may be doing it with ease. But as described above, most of those things happen at least once a day if not multiple times. I too am still learning as I go. So here I am; embracing these fun, non stop, temper tantrum moments for what they are. Things are still flying by. From walking to running, saying hi and bye to giving *knucks and blowing kisses. Rest assure milestones are still happening, just at a faster pace and with little time to catch it, acknowledge it and write about it before the next thing happens.

Happy 22 Months Baby Girl.



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