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My first Vlog-A full face of makeup

So many people have asked me to do this but I'm not gonna lie... I was and still am so nervous just putting myself out there like this.

I want to provide what my followers/friends want thoooo!

I've been a little MIA (missing in action) due to Kamille being such a crazy coconut nowadays but I have had many people asking lately about my morning routine and the products I use. So here I am. I'm no profesional and I am no Arielle (see Kardashians) but I do play around and try new things.

The amount of products coming out today is so overwhelming. I am only loyal to certain products such as my liquid foundation, but I am also super open to trying new things.

Figuring out the best way to use a new product is daunting or you may be a little scared to just go for it. I get it. I am one to follow simple how-to's on YouTube or the MAC counter.

I haven't went to school for Aesthetics or been taught professional ways of applying makeup but I am interested and I continuously want to learn. I am just your average girl trying out new things and something that may work for me might definitely not work for you. I've been asked by multiple people just to do a simple how-to or at least talk about the products I use. I am no vlogger and in my eyes don't do anything fancy day to day honestly its just become routine.

So instead of writing all about it. I'm going to show you... Here goes nothin.

Everything is linked below! Let me know what cha liked and didn't like.

Liquid Foundation- TOO FACED; Born This Way

Powder Foundation - MAC; Studio Fix

Concealer- Kat Von D

Brows- ANASTASIA dipbrow

Eye Shadow- Kat Von D matte pallet or URBAN DECAY Naked

Contouring- Cream and Powder ANASTASIA pallet

Setting Powder- Kat Von D translucent powder

Highlight- BECCA Champagne Pop liquid and Anastasia Glow Kit

Blush- Sephora

Eye Liner- Kat Von D or Tarte

Mascara- TOO FACED; Better Than Sex

Lashes and glue- Kiss lashes and Duo glue



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