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  • Destiny Kohlman

Adult Living Space Meets Childrens' Corner

Making the perfect space for you child can be very difficult.

Especially when it comes to combining your everyday living space with the toys, books, and all other activities your little one accumulates.

I've been working on creating a space specific for reading, quiet time activities like coloring or fine motor skills like an abacus without all the clutter of noise making bright toys (her room is full of all of that). This corner does just that.

With the bottom two shelves focused on reading, blocks and the abacus while the top three shelves add to décor and simplicity of the living room.

I love that Kamille sits in her little chair, goes into her teepee to relax an uses this corner.

This 5 shelf piece can be found online on Amazon (search Nathan Home) or click here.





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