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What's So Terrible About Two?

First of all! Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet hunk uh chunk of burnin love 💛

It’s just me, over here; trying to wrap my mind, body and soul around that I have a TWOOOO year old.

I’ll say this and say it again. Will time ever slow down? I heard through the grapevine that it NEVER will and that scares me. Because life with Kamille is full. I’m all about living in the moment but can I just pause some of them?

Now. Addressing the title of this post on this oh so special day. Terrible twos? What’s that? Just the endless back and fourth of emotion. The hitting, kicking and throwing fits for no apparent reason. What most parents don't really tell you is that the fits, tantrums, sass and craziness starts well before age two. I wouldn't call it terrible twos because I don't view it as terrible but rather very overwhelming and funny at times.

How about we call it “wtf is two”.

No, but really. At this point, Danny and I are just trying and I literally mean trying with trial and error what works for us. This goes along wih punishments, reactions and even rewards believe it or not. So cheers to TWO, what’s to come and what’s passed. It only keeps getting more exciting, shocking and confusing 😂



#motherhood #toddler


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