• Destiny Kohlman

Holiday Gift Guide for your Guy... or Dad

I had to with the title of this post lol because what would you get your dad that you wouldn't get your man or vise versa?

Okay, not vise versa but you know what I mean.

Your dad deserves new socks too though!

Below I've listed some of the best go to's for gifting to "men" so you could say.

Socks. Like I said. I feel like I heard a wise quote that was like, "you get new underwear fairly often correct? It's important that they are the upmost comfortable correct? Why should you replace one undergarment more than the other? Socks are undergarments too ya know?"

Go above and beyond though, if your man needs gym socks, work socks, leisure socks, boot socks... Get em all. They'll get used.

A new Belt. They make reversible and that man needs one! Sleek black leather to a camel leather? Perfect.

Their passion. So I mean this with a broad spectrum. If they like working on shit. If they like playing basketball with the boys. If they like... "themselves" and what they wear, If they like... food and beer and sitting around. There's a thoughtful, worth a pretty penny for it all. Research and get the best brand. They'll know you spent time on it. Tools for example. Most women might think, "oh, I'll go get them a nice Craftsmen wrench set". Nooooo. Snap on is a good ol brand they'd probably be proud of you for getting... Or golfing for example, If everything is Taylor Made in their golf bag then probably safe to say not getting them anything Wilson. I know nothing about it, but all I know is... Don't just get any T, any balls, any clubs. You're better off sneaking around in their golf bag and asking his golfing buddies. As for sports... if they like basketball; don't get Underarmor, get Jordan. You kinda get it? If they like beer and food, get beer and food of all sorts.

Cologne. Because even if it's not important to them, it could be important to what you want to inhale.

Outdoor Gear. Whether or not this means down hill biking, hunting, snow boarding, grilling. There's got to be something that your man enjoys doing outside.

Depending on if they are gamers, I guarantee they wouldn't love you more if you got them the NEWEST game that they probably already have pre ordered so make sure and do some snooping first.

Other random gifts include:

-Wireless ear buds or BEATS

- Yeti flask or cooler if you wanna be boujee

- You can never go wrong with flannels

The basics that don't break the bank and are good stocking stuffers:

- Magazine subscription of their favorite hobby (sports, home improvement, food etc.)

- Car Fresheners

- Coffee Cards

- Razors

- Make a Lingerie book if you're feeling spicy.




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