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  • Destiny Kohlman

Holiday Gift Guide for your lady

This is for you guys out there that really need some help.

If you're reading this, you probably haven't asked her to simply write a letter to "Santa".

Try that first. If that doesn't help you out, then maybe this will.

Also! Happy Cyber Monday, which means you don't even have to leave the couch for a good deal.

Work out gear. Even if she doesn't work out. No one is going to turn down some new leggings (hopefully from LuLu Lemon), a new sports bra (look at her bras for sizing, it's not that hard to figure out sm, md, lg, xl). Seriously, most women wear work out gear leisurely, to the grocery store, around the house.

Cozy Warm Slippers. Uggs will do the trick.

Perfume. Smell what she already has. Is it fruity, spicy... Take your time and pick out a more pricey one. Because for those of you men who don't know... Sprays are cheaper, they are meant for more sprays and it doesn't necessarily wear all day VersusS a nice perfume can take as a little as one pump and its as powerful as 10 sprays.

A spa gift card to a spa that offers multiple services. If she doesn't like getting her nails done... that's cool, but she probably won't turn down a massage or if she's a mom... a break away from the kids.

The kitchen gadget she's been longing for. You can find ONE that she doesn't already have or kinda most definitely wants. Everyone needs a Kitchen Aid. Other good kitchen gadgets include a Keurig, juicers, Vitamix Blender.

A Rumba!

Fresh Yummy Coffee. Mama Java Coffee for all my needs. Use code: DESTINY for 20% off your order

Long stem wine glasses or a bottle of wine. Fuck it. Both lol. Trader Joe's for a wide variety of fairly good and great wine. Find out whether she likes sweet whites, dry rose's or a deep red.

Holiday gift sets from MAC. This one is a good one. Its around once and doesn't come back. My husband last year came in hot with a MAC lip set and the Glow Kit from Anatasia Beverly hills. I was DUMBFOUNDED. I never thought he get me something that I didn't know that I needed in the makeup department.

Gifts that cost barely anything but mean a lot:

House Plants

Chocolate (specifically Trader Joe's Speculoos Dark Chocolate & Cookie butter).

A coupon book. Something you make yourself with things like, "1 foot or back rub, Date night, I cook dinner and clean up". Things like that.

A picture frame with the two of you.

Cozy blankets


Esseential Oils

Hope this gives you guys some ideas.




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