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  • Destiny Kohlman

Sleep Regression

Have kids they said, It'll be fun they said.

HA! All until bedtime.

Here I am at 5 AM writing a blog because little miss decided that she isn't sleeping until 9 today. Or yesterday, Or... just some days, as a matter of fact.

I guess here's a blog post on sleep training and telling you, "you can do it" I promise.

So a little background. It wasn't always so hard. Kamille slept in our bed, in her Dockatot until around 9 months. The transfer to her crib, in her room; at that point was sooooo easy, I can't even remember a peep. Something happened. Around 18 months, the bedtime routine was still the same. Same time, same bath, same essential oils, read books & bottle and down; but, she insisted on screaming. Being utterly exhausted, at some point, I brought her Dockatot back in our room. Well, she continued to sleep with us from around 19 months until just a month ago, 28 months.

When Danny left for NAMI, he was gone 4 nights. I used these nights to reset, try again and get her into her own bedroom again. Yes, the first couple nights were absolutely terrible to be completely honest. At least 30 minutes of crying with me checking on her every 5 min, throwing her blankets out of her crib, waking up multiple times a night and yelling mama. Not only is it sad right, it's just so exhausting. I ALLLLMOST gave in. But, the next few nights, week.... it got easier. She started going down with just a few moans an groans rather than a huge fit, she slept throughout the entire night, and I mean, 9 PM to 9 AM. Holy Shit. I've never felt so rested. I was waking up before her and just sipping coffee, literally in meditation mode.

Rest assure motherhood isn't that easy! Here I am, again. Struggling to put her down, hearing fits and yelling, waking up multiple times a night and... awake at 5 AM. But... I'mmmmm Notttt Givvving Uppp. Stay tuned.

Here's a cute photo of her. Whenever I seem to get impatient or irritable, taking a trip down memory lane always works for me.

Alsssso, here's a photo in the good ol' days when she slept with no fuss.




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