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  • Destiny Kohlman

First Real Sick Scare and 7 Ways We Survived

February 22-March 3 "ish"

these dates included more sleepless nights, more laundry, more wasted food, more medicine, more disinfecting, more snuggles and more tears, way more tears.

This year, the PNW has had so many viral scares, between children getting measles and more diagnoses of pneumonia in years. We thought our house, our family had escaped the sickness and made it through the Winter. Oh mannnn were we wrong.

It takes a toll on your mind, body and soul when your little one is sick. Not only are you doing everything in your power to make them feel better, they aren't feeling better and there's really nothing you can do about it. So, as Kamille gets over having pneumonia, getting prescribed amoxcicillin as an anti biotic, she THEN had a delayed allergic reaction that caused a rash all over her entire body. To top it off, I don't thing she even had pneumonia to be honest.

Advice 101: NEVER Google rashes, I repeat, NEVER Google rashes.

Between thinking she had measles for .5 seconds and not knowing if anything was ever going to get better. I took her in to the emergency pediatrician for the second time in a week. The Dr. said instantly that we would need to stop the antibiotic and let the rash run its course and let the body rid of the allergy, Again, nothing I can do.

I will rest on talking about what she had and when she had it. I just wanted to write because it feels good to get it out, remember stuff like this and because it seems so so BAD. I over think EVERYTHING. Like, "Oh, I took her to the playground and we didn't sanitize when leaving". Or, "What measly kid at the gym day care was sick and what parent brought them in". SORRY not SORRY, leave your kid at home if they are sick. I have learned to not over think every experience that puts her susceptible to getting sick, it's bound to happen. But, I will say. I think I went through some of my lowest points in motherhood these passed few weeks. I couldn't put into words why this effected me so much! I always play it cool, I have a great life ya know majority of the time. But, when something like this puts a hold on everything. Working, gym, going outside, going to the grocery store and even doing crafts, reading books (some of the smallest but normal things). It's bound to effect your mood. I am always on the go, Kamille and I are busy busy every day. But, I know now that it's okay to take a break, rest, regain health and refresh the mind.

Here's things that did seem to work for my family during our hard time:

1.YL Essential Oils all over the house. I am no expert but I do love my oils.

-RC in every diffuser in the house

-Coconut Oil mixed with thieves essential oil on her feet

-Coconut Oil mixed with peppermint essential oil on her chest

2. Always new fluids, from changing cups to adding ice cubs, to even Pedialyte

3. Making little nests for her to lay, be comfy in with her favorite baby doll and blanket

4."boogy wipes" save lives when it comes to a runny nose and not drying out the skin

5. Snuggles. Just being. & guess who is no longer sleeping in their crib at night? Yep, back in moms bed she went because I could NOT stand her coughing at night and not being next to her to sooth her and prop her up with pillows

6. chicken noodle soup even if she just drank the broth

7.once she got the rash, she didn't itch but I gave her oatmeal sock baths just in case (my poison oak & hives in fresh grass peeps know whats up)

There are things that work for some people and obviously not others but to be honest, I just tried anything and everything to try and comfort her.

Onto better days!

p.s. I will be trying to get more fashion content out now that its almost Spring again.

Thanks for following along guys,




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