• Destiny Kohlman

National Women's Day

Today is an amazzzzing day just to be.

To be a WOMAN.

I just finished having coffee with my girls and it's an even better day because of it.

It should be like that ya know?

To be able to get together with someone you love, feel a comfort in and just converse about life.

To feel inspired after talking, touching base about life and things one another are aspiring for.

We as girls; women have a lot to be proud of...

I heard one time, "who run the world? GIRLS".

Some of us are open and vulnerable with our emotions

Some of us hide behind closed doors and wait for others to reach out

Some of us are mothers and working every day to give the best life and experiences

Some of us are plain and simple bosses at our career

Some of us are really settled and doing great in life

Some of us are still struggling to find our way

Some of us are young at heart in our 20's & 30's

Some of us are in bed by 9

Any many mannnny of us are just in betweeners.

But we all have some things in common too...

.Life. Worth living.

*Experiences. Though may be different.


*Beauty. In all colors, shapes and sizes.

*Good Intention. Even if some of it is deep down inside you. Yes, even you, dirty little hamsters that I might l might not be to fond of.

& last but not least,

*Rights. To work, to lead, to CHOOSE.

I hope all the women out there find something out there to be happy about and to be proud of today.

Today, and everyday. I'm proud of this little bundle of joy.




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