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  • Destiny Kohlman


Life is about to get a lot more interesting. I find myself looking up inspirational quotes, taking a few more seconds looking out the window while having my morning coffee and taking in my everyday errands like they are the last.

We're Saying goodbye to memories I so easily take for granted, thinking that we could be doing something so simple year after year.

I like change. I like to say, I'm good at change and strive for change; but I'm nervous.

All of life's uncertainties really freak me out to be honest.

As my family make our way back down to our home town (temporarily); I am eager, excited, nervous and scared. Eager to make out next step into adulthood with the opportunities to come. Excited to be near family again and spend a Summer showing Kamille what I did growing up. Nervous to fall back into same patterns and scared to relive some of the same moments.

Maybe I should be writing a separate blog on what adventures are to come but here I am and here are the answers to some of the questions I've been getting. Currently, we're waiting...on a few more clearances, waivers and trainings for Danny to be fully engulfed in the military atmosphere. As if we hadn't been meeting obstacle after obstacle for this level of entrance, I feel like this passed year; that's been our MO.

-His PFT score

-His physical

-His test scores

-His age waiver

-His flight training


I'm impatient as you can tell.

But with time comes thought. With thought comes change. With change comes growth.

So that being said, we are saying goodbye to our home of 6 years, the city where we both not only attended college but graduated with our bachelors. Where we birthed and started raising our daughter. Where we made lifelong friendships and a hell of a lot of memories. Where we tested one anothers faith, perseverance, patience and marriage. But, where we grew as a team.




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