• Destiny Kohlman

Holiday Apps

Everyone reminiscing around the dinner table or watching football while enjoying life's finest of yummy food. Love the holidays but never know what to bring to these family functions?

You can't everrrr go wrong with charcuterie. I don't mean just some Colby jack cheese and crackers. I mean explore, get out of your comfort zone and eat some weird named cheese you can't even pronounce.

I can thank a specific Italian friend of mine for all the cheese I've consumed over the last few years. Yumm!

Here's a look at my favorite go to appetizer.

And a quick how-to for a cute set-up sure to impress the family.

  • Tomatoes and mozzarella topped with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette

  • Baguette cut up along side of many flavorful cheeses. Feel free to add some protein with prosciutto or salami.

  • Dolmas; holyyyy crap they are so good. Don't be freaked out at the green grape leaves wrapping the surprising yet amazing insides

  • Flavored nuts such as anything other than just plain jane salted. Grab some honey roasted, smokey and different types of each nut.

  • Add some fruit like dates or cut up apples

  • Olives; similarly to cheese, step out of your comfort zone again. Pick up classic kalamata but also grab some stuffed ones.




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