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  • Destiny Kohlman

Just a Chapter in my Book

I get up and I PUSH myself. I manifest good thoughts so I don't overthink the current situation.

What I wanted to really be vulnerable about is something that has been in my head since moving back to my hometown. There are so many people out there that watch and watch only wanting you to fail. That's pretty standard. Some might say I've failed because I went off to college, worked a job that pertained to my degree and now have quit that job only to move back to my hometown. I'm back to a place where I may have burned individuals or where many individuals have burned me. A small place where everyone knows everyone and where rumors fly around like flies all started by one person. That's the same person who watches and waits for you to fail.

But that's not what life's about anymore. These thoughts were once my own insecurities being in a stagnant waiting chapter of my life. It's not about set backs or failures. It's about chapters. Each chapter makes me into the human and individual that I am now and will eventually be. That's some deep shit right?

Take marital problems. You go through it, and you either come out of it stronger TOGETHER or separate. It makes for a rough chapter and the others seem flawless.

Take career changes. You loose a job and either find something quick and easy or work hard to find something even better. It makes for a tough financial change but you eventually level out and then a new chapter begins.

Take addiction. Whether you or someone you know and love is going through it. That chapter reoccurs throughout the entire book. It's still one chapter but can always be referenced. It's something to acknowledge and maybe (hopefully) be proud of throughout the remainder of the story.

My point is, that's not what life is about. Chapters. It's about the entire book. It's about one chapter making you grateful for others or future ones. It's about being grateful for AT LEAST one thing in all circumstances. It's about thinking of negative things as "culturing" you in the bigger picture. It's not about two Sally's over watching you and waiting for you to fail. They'll always watch. It's about YOU, living out your chapters.

Me? I'm just gonna chill before me and my badass family take on our next chapter.




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