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  • Destiny Kohlman

Pregnancy Numero Dos

Ya knowwww, some things, even today aren't talked about enough or let alone even at all.

The ins and outs of what people make you think you need to know about being an expected mom, the pregnancy journey; the do's + don't of it all. People... meaning doctors, other moms, strangers, whatever. Opinions and old wives tales are a dime a dozen while pregnant.

Do what makes you comfortable. Do what you and your partner think is right. During pregnancy, the birth plan and into them being born; vaccinations... all of it. You do you and what's best for your family and the lil bb.

I was such a type A person when Kami was born. Like so over the top with schedules, feedings, activities + milestones. But, also, she was an entirely different pregnancy. I loved being pregnant. It was summer, I was 23 going on 24, I had no issues (up until the end) and covid was def not a thing, I was surrounded by my best friends and family. Fast- forward 4 years later; I'm 28, with my husband going through flight training in the military, with a toddler, across the country from all family and friends and this little boy has been kicking my ass in my guts the entire time. Each pregnancy is different and each child is different. You can eat all the good food, take your prenatal vitamin, get your sleep and exercise but what's meant to be will be.

Todays day in age, we have all the resources. We are within a blessing and a curse. We know tradition and have the sense to do with it what we want. What our mothers didn't have... shit, what I didn't have almost 5 years ago is being used to our advantage being pregnant in 2021.

Since this is a blog post and not a discussion, here's some things that have helped this particular pregnancy journey even in the midst of this crazy world rn.

-Get a doctor you don't feel like a nuisance or dumb ass for asking questions. Seriously, change your doctor if you don't feel important.

-Friends and family to rely on, lean on for emotional support. You have a right to feel all the feels.

-Blogs to read and resource for what brands/things to buy

-Instagram/Facebook for all the other mom inspo and advice

-EMBRACE your body. It's temporary. I too need help doing so. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.

This, is my last pregnancy and although I wish I had written about every trimester like I did with Kamille; realistically I'd look back and think that all my venting and complaining I did this pregnancy was a joke. Yes I had crazy acid reflux, yes I failed my first glucose test, yes these back cramps and braxton hicks have felt like I'm dilated at a 4 all day. I swell, I waddle, some days I even come close to peeing my pants from 8 oz of water. He is healthy, SUPER active and I can feel every hiccup and kick to the rib. One of a kind. Women's bodies are crazy. We are designed to do what no man can do.

Cheers to my last few weeks. Kannon Kohlman will arrive and today will feel like a distant memory.




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