• Destiny Kohlman

Spring Trends

I wanted to create a post on Spring must haves. I know, I know; I am a little late seeing as Summer is right around the corner BUT you can always pair these staples in the heat.

These finds are some of my favorites. I've created a list of my favorite sites, though not my most used. Below are looks from each brand.

Where Do I Shop?

That's a loaded question, because honestly; everywhere. I love Zara but can't always look passed the price tag, so Forever 21 usually does the trick. Also, Amazon has nearly everything.


If you find something at Nordstrom, chances are, there is a replicated (less quality) version on Amazon.

Everything is Online:

I wanted to give you guys a quick list of sites that I LOVE but are a little higher in price. To be honest, you pay for the quality of your wardrobe and what is current. These sites (in my opinion) are always top notch. Oddly, a lot of them are not in America because we are actually behind in the fashion "world".

1. MissyEmpire

2. Revolve

3. SaboSkirt

4. Meshki

5. Miss Lola




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