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Summers in the Vineyard.

I am sure if you follow along on networks/platforms I am more active on (such as Instagram), you see more daily life. Since moving back closer to my hometown area I've been spending time with old friends and experiencing things I didn't get to before moving away for college. Such as WINERIES (all the heart eyes).

I know, I know some may think, "how and why do you go every week?" Let me tell ya a few things.

1. I personally LOVE WINE and if you don't, you can still "manage" to enjoy yourself.

2. Every winery is so vastly different. From the wine (obviously), to the tasting room, to the server and the nostalgia around you.

3. You can legitimately relax and take in the fresh air, the views all while potentially getting a good buzz.

4. Here in the Umpqua Valley or even the Willamette Valley okay okay and the Rogue. You can spend an entire Summer going to 1-2 to even 3 wineries once a week and not repeat yourself. If you don't like it, cool; head down the road and try an new one. Like it, Love it? Hit a new one next week and end at your favorite,

5. Finally, the FOOD. Most wineries let you bring snacks, "tapas" type of dishes orrrrrr CHARCUTERIE. What better reason to enjoy sunshine, good company, new wine, meat, cheese and bread.

If you're interested, I've obviously documented this summers festivities and here are some reviews for visiting. Click here for the WINE MAP.


I love that it overlooks a portion of their vines and the deck is small but quaint (quaint as in cute and comfortable). I ended up getting a bottle of the 2017 Pinot Noir.


One of the Prettiest venues for events. They have so many places to sit. Over looking so much land including vines, rolling green grassy fields and the river. A LOT of wine to choose from but I ended up buying a bottle of Dolcetto. Staci (who is nearly always pouring) brought out the yummiest cheese board as well. Nothin beats good cheese paired with real good wine.


Okay, I wish I had more photos to do this place justice. The atmosphere is absolutely a Californian vibe. I'd go as far to say Napa Valley inspired. All around you are vines vines and more vines. The drive up to the walk up and the outside seating area is just so relaxing. Although we go to these wineries during the week; so less crowds. We received such good service here. The host really explained in detail each wine. We stated here most of the day. I ended up getting the infamous Fiesta Tempranillo.

Hillcrest & Henry's-

These both are a hit or miss for me. I think they are an ABSOLUTE MUST to check out because they are the oldest wineries in the area (Oregon let alone) but has an older vibe that being said. We visited Henry's on a rainy Summer day and Kamille was a bit stir crazy sitting inside their smaller tasting room. The woman pouring absolutely made the experience. We need to visit when it's nicer weather. As for Hillcrest; same thing, smaller older tasting room vibes but AMAZING wine. I purchased a few bottles from Hillcrest.


Love this experience. We went on a super hot day, sprinklers were on, we were the only ones sitting outside under their large tent and we had full service while Kamille ran through the sprinkler. I kid you not; Terry, the owner sat with us, chatted and even showed us the BNB. Great wine, good pairings and all around genuine people.


Rainy day last minute visits. Pleasantly surprised with a small town family friend pouring for us. Great wine, I purchased the Merlot. I was pleasantly surprised they offered a vertical tasting of Tempranillo. I also want to point out, being in wine industry, everyone does things differently so I felt appreciative when asking the winemaker and owner questions and getting an honest answer.

Chatteau Non Chalant-

Rose of Tempranillo is all I have to say. Na, I'm kidding. Everyone has different versions and tastes for wine. But, this entire atmosphere is pretttttty cool. It's all family inspired which hits close to home, the owner and wine maker works the tasting room which is always a good sign and the yurt style wine cellar is top of the charts.

Cooper Ridge-

One of my FAVS by far. The owner, Robin is the sweetest older man. Kid friendly, a cute chocolate pup walking around and all the "perfect" winery vibes. From the vines, the the umbrellas to the inside of the tasting room. Refreshing, clean and modern. I purchased the Tempranillo. Notice a trend here?


I've been here a few times; before and after their recent upgrades to the tasting room. I would say; coming close to Cooper Ridge and Abacela, one of the classiest wineries around. From the remodel of the inside of the tasting room, you get chandelier and white marble to all outside is surrounded by gardens of flowers, vines and well groomed walk ways.

Spire Mountain Cellars-

I might be a little biased, but a home away from home. From the back deck view over looking Pinot Noir, horses, cows and an entire mountain side of Fir Trees. The inside; every detail constructed by family. I feel confident in saying; not one person leaves feeling unwelcome.




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