• Destiny Kohlman

THREE Things I'm Practicing with my Three Year Old

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

C o n s i s t a n c y- In approach and punishment. When Kamille just really isn't listening, or actually rephrase that; when she is listening but not doing what I ask. I ask three maybe four, 5, 6 times but who's counting? But then, I get on her level. Tell her to look at me and ask a few more times. A kids attention span is so SHORT, we all know this. But, getting them for a split second all to yourself is really an accomplishment. That's my consistency in approach. Now, punishment. "Do you like gymnastics?", "Did you want to go to the park later?", "If, you want a fruit roll up, then...". I always and I mean always do this if I want something done. Her punishment for not getting in her car sear and buckling up is not getting to go to the park for instance. Follow through. Remind them. "If you would have gotten in your car seat like I asked, we could be going to the park, but no worries, we will try again tomorrow". (Desperate times call for desperate measures, the real punishments like time out or "god forbid"... Spanking, comes in on more serious of terms.) We'll talk abut that another time.

A Sense of H u m o r- The looks I receive, the snarky no's under her breathe, the specific "HA HA" she does when I tell her not to do something and she does it anyways are all actualllly pretty deep down irritating BUT tolerable. I've learned to take what I can really. Laugh at the bullshit otherwise it might drive you insane. Laughing with them is much easier than them laughing at you.

C h a n g e- Every day tedious life for a kid. How rough right? Wake up, have breakfast made for you, watch a cartoon, do an activity, play outside, make up some crafts, nap, eat, play, eat again, sleep again. It sounds super rough. I can't imagineee what it would be like to have a life like that again. What I mean by change is, keep things spicy; like you try in your love life, work life, food life; whatever. You know, change it up. Get outside, walk one day, ride a bike the next and then play with some chalk or bubbles after. Inside activities that stimulate sensory and motor skills; maybe slime one day and then beading the next. Same with foods. At this age I know it's normal to test boundaries, to want fruit snacks for dinner but changing up simple meals can be easy. Throw some mushrooms in eggs or better yet if you have a picker outer, throw some chia seeds and a tiny bit of zucchini in a blender for scrambled eggs. Play with it. Change some things up.




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