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  • Destiny Kohlman

Toddler Years

Baby girl is growinnnnn guys. She legit has grown out of all her shoes but 2 pairs and her cute "little" wardrobe. Just when you think you're a little ahead, maybe like oh, "let me check my little app and see what I should expect this month or within the next couple." SIKE, prepare for molars mama. Growing pains... check. Dramatic bed time...check. Waking up from tooth pain... check check check.

Before I went off topic; I was thinking about toddler years all morning. Our ability to differentiate the emotions they are feeling makes me feel like a super hero at times.

You know, it must suck to always to compile the wide variety of emotions into four categories. Happiness sadness, anger and surprise. Fear might seem like a surprise. Disgust might look like anger. Shy or bashful may make them feel sad. You get the point.

I'll say this once and I'll say it again. Everyone makes sure to ask how you're doing with that perfect little newborn thing. But come on Cheryl, what about that home cooked meal now? Ya wanna come over to clean my house? What, you don't want to hold my 2 1/2 year old toddler? LMAO

No one really asks you about terrible 2's, toddler years. But, they make sure to tell you about the tantrums, yelling, screaming and crying. More frequently than not, the testing of boundaries. Like, I know Cheryl; I'm living it.

It's hard and no one can tell you how to parent. No one can tell you how to handle each situation. But, in those times you can tell yourself that it's temporary, that it's not that bad. That it's normal. EVERY KID IS DIFFERENT. Some express emotions big. Some tell you what they want. When I'm confused, when I'm unsure if what I'm doing is right or when I'm questioning my entire being as a mom.

I remember her laughter that radiates throughout the house, when she holds my hand as I read her a book, her up to date gangster ass dance moves while she dances in the car and her amazing creative mind when learning something new.

EMBRACE the T O D D L E R years.




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